iSoftStone [$13-$15/hr – Work at Home Doing Search Engine Research]

“iSoftStone offers flexible, well-paying work at home positions. Get all the details and how to apply in this full review.”

What is iSoftStone?

Are you looking for a work from home job that offers an excellent hourly rate and allows you to work on your own schedule? Then you may consider working for iSoftStone that hires people from around the world for different work from home jobs such as Search Engine Evaluator, Annotator, Voice Recorder and Information Researcher. iSoftStone is a global work at home job company that allows you to work in your pajamas and make money from the comfort of your home. The company offers flexible schedules and good hourly wage for different work at home options.

iSoftStone Company Info

iSoftStone is an international company based in China, but they have offices in different locations around the globe, including some offices in the United States. The company hires talented people from around the world to work at home for different work at home positions, such as a search engine evaluator, annotator, voice recorder and information researcher.

iSoftstone provides business services in different areas, such as data entry, search engine evaluation, translation, and hardware testing to its clients all over the world. The company outsources its various services to independent contractors from around the world.

They hire people for worldwide work at home jobs in many languages and offer flexible schedules. The company provides training for some positions such as search engine evaluator jobs. To view all current job positions or find jobs that suit your specific interests, you will need to go here.

What Type of Jobs Does iSoftStone Offer?

The company hires talented people from around the world to work at home in a wide variety of positions such as:
• Search Engine Evaluator
• Information Researcher
• Annotator
• Voice Recorder
• In-field Research Assistant
• Online Ad Evaluator
• Online Web Evaluator
• Media Contributor
• Language Expert
• Transcriber
• Data Collector
• Mobile Phone Tester
• Network Engineer
• Electrician

Search engine evaluator, annotator, voice recorder, information researcher, etc. are some of the non-phone work from home jobs that iSoftStone frequently has open for applicants.

What Are the Basic Requirements to Work for iSoftStone?

If you are interested in a work from home job at iSoftStone, you must have basic computer skills, basic research skills, access to a PC running Windows OS, stable Internet connection, be fluent in your native language and be at least 18 years of age. The company will provide free training for some job positions, so you are not required to have previous experience to apply to those positions.

How to Apply to Jobs at iSoftStone?

If you are interested in a work at home job at iSoftStone, you will need to go here to view all current job listings or find jobs that suit your specific interests using a search form. If you see a position that interests you and is available at your location, click on the job title for more information and apply for the position online from that page.

SoftStone hires talented people from around the globe for various work from home jobs with flexible schedules.

Why Should You Work for iSoftStone?

iSoftStone pays above average hourly rate. Most of the jobs pay at least $13 per hour. You are not required to have technical skills and previous experience to do some jobs.

The company hires people from around the world to do various types of work from home jobs, so it is an excellent opportunity for those who live outside the US and need to find a work from home job with flexible schedule and good hourly wage.

The company offers a great work-life balance. You can work at home and set your hours.

How Much Can I Earn?

Your income as an independent contractor with iSoftStone depends on the number of tasks available and how much work you take each week. Generally, you can work between 10 and 25 hours per week on your own schedule.

The company pays a good pay rate. Most of the jobs pay at least $13 per hour which is reasonable for a work at home position. Search engine evaluators have reported earning up to $15 per hour.

You will get paid by PayPal or direct deposit to your bank account, depending on the job, your location or/and payment method. Payments are sent out either once a month or every two weeks, depending on the job.

Become a Search Engine Evaluator

Becoming a search engine evaluator can be a great way to earn a good side income from your home. As a search engine evaluator, you will enter specific search queries into search engines to find if the search engine results are relevant to the queries and then evaluate each result based on the iSoftStone rating system. iSoftStone provides free training.

If you have basic computer skills and research skills, then no other technical skills and previous experience are required to do this job. If you have excellent research skills, then you can make a decent part-time income working as a search engine evaluator for iSoftStone.

Work From Home as an Annotator

iSoftStone hires home-based annotators in different languages worldwide. If you are a native American English speaker with good spelling, reading and writing skills, have basic computer knowledge and access to a PC that runs Windows OS and connected to a stable Internet connection, then you might be able to find work as an English-speaking Annotator from home.

You will annotate and classify linguistic data into different domains. The company will provide full training, so you are not required to have technical skills and previous experience to do this job.

Work at Home as an Information Researcher

As an Information researcher, you will compare different search engine results on your Android device and evaluate the user interface, i.e., user experience. You might need to conduct usability research both online and in the field and provide recommendations for improvement, determine user needs by conducting task-focused analyses, and perform more tasks, depending on the job.

As an independent contractor for iSoftStone, you will work from home with flexible schedules.

Final Words

iSoftStone is a reputable international company that has ongoing work from home job listings. If you are looking for legitimate part-time work at home job with a flexible schedule and a good pay rate, iSoftStone is a great company to work for.

They also post jobs under their crowd job listings here.

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