How Much Can You Earn Working for Lionbridge?

Working for LionBridge

Plenty of Freelancing Opportunities Working for Lionbridge

There’s a company called Lionbridge that has work at home opportunities for translators. (But also social media evaluators, search engine evaluators, ad quality evaluators and more.) It’s part of a much larger company that’s also called Lionbridge Technologies. Lionbridge helps its parent company generate approximately $450 million in revenue. Lionbridge works with approximately 100,000 freelancers from all over the world. Most of the freelancers Lionbridge has added to their team are professionals who have given up traditional jobs because they prefer working at home.

Why Work For Lionsbridge?

Lionbridge fully understands that without the help of hardworking, self-starting, motivated freelancers they wouldn’t be able to stay in business so they have done everything possible to ensure you enjoy the work you do for the company.

Perks you’ll love include:

• Getting to keep your own hours
• Not having to change out of your pajamas because you get to work in a home office
• An excellent pay scale
• The ability to work on multiple projects, just watch the deadlines and make sure you have plenty of time to complete everything.
• The company does an excellent job of matching its freelancers up with projects they’ll enjoy and that they’ll find energizing
• The company has all sorts of tips they’re willing to share on how to be more successful and happier as a home-based freelancer

How Does Lionbridge Pay You?

I wouldn't consider working for Lionbridge to become your main source of income though. The company is upfront about only being able to provide freelance contractors with enough work to be considered part-time. They’re a good egg to have in your basket of income projects, but you should also have two or three more places where you benefit from work at home opportunities.

When working for Lionbridge, it’s difficult to predict exactly how much money you’ll make from one day to the next. The reason for this isn’t because Lionbridge is trying to scam you, but rather because some of the projects pay per project, while others are on an hourly rate. Lionbridge also has different rates they pay individuals in one country than they do those who live somewhere else. However, if you take a look at Glassdoor, you can see the average pay for Internet Assessors is between $13-$14 an hour. Glassdoor also puts Search Engine Evaluators around $15 an hour.

As well — if you're on an hourly project (or any project really), and you don't meet the quality standards they have in place, your contract will not be renewed. They could possibly just terminate your agreement if you don't improve your scores. Don't get too nervous about this. Yes, it happens. But also, many people are asked to do a 6-month contract over and over again.

The company uses direct deposit so the money you earn goes straight into the designated bank account. You don’t have to worry about getting charged a fee before you even start your first project.

How Do I Apply for Lionbridge Jobs?

The application process to Lionbridge can be a little confusing. The best way to simplify things is visiting the crowdsourcing page they’ve created and skim the current list of job opportunities and determine which would be a good match for you. (I've got a list of other search engine evaluation type jobs you can check out. I've also got a big list of online translator jobs if that interests you.)

Once you have selected a position you like, carefully read the information about how to apply for that specific position. If you’re confused at any point, you should check in with the customer service department and ask for help.

After you have filled out the correct application, you should sit back and relax. It could take a couple of days before Lionbridge has a chance to review the information and make a decision. To get started, check out their careers page here.

Have you worked for Lionbridge or do you work for them now? My visitors and I would love for you to share your experience in the comments section below. Sharing our experiences with others helps us build a great resource and network. Thanks so much.

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