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Review of Written Communications

Written Communications is a company with a good reputation that deals exclusively with transcription work. They act as a kind of middleman and match audio files with freelance contractors who have the skills needed to provide perfect transcriptions. The company works with a wide variety of clients and transcribers who work for the company report that they enjoy a variety of topics. Written Communications has clients all over the world.

The great thing about Written Communications is that the company pays careful attention to any special interests or skills their contractors have and uses this information to make sure that each person only gets assigned files they will enjoy transcribing. (See my post, Online Transcription Jobs That You Can Do From Home for a big list of even more work at home options for transcription.)

Applying for a Transcription Position

Don’t think that Written Communications is one of those companies that will automatically hire you as soon as provide them with your email address. They’re not. The first step in the application process is sending them an email, which includes a detailed copy of your resume. The information that needs to be on your resume includes:

● Previous transcription experience
● A minimum of three different business references
● Reference names and numbers

If the company likes the information you’ve listed on your resume, they will get in touch with you and discuss the possibility of hiring you. If you get hired, you can rest assured you will be gaining a steady source of work at home income.

The Quality of Work

Written Communications holds itself to a high standard of quality. They have promised their clients the very best and they’re determined to deliver. If you choose to work for them, you need to make sure that every single file you submit has been perfectly transcribed and doesn’t contain a single typo. If the company senses that you’re standards have started to slip, they’ll no longer send any work your way. Get more details and apply here.

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