Proofreading Jobs from Home for Beginners with No Experience

Proofreading Jobs from Home

Proofreading Job from Home That Let Beginners Get Started

Proofreading jobs online can be an excellent source of income from home for you if you have perfect grammar and spelling skills, and considerable attention to detail. Online proofreading jobs are in high demand because tens of millions of active websites that use written content to convey information every day need proofreaders to proofread the content. If you are interested in starting a freelance proofreading career, there are beginner proofreading jobs that are work at home. Read on to learn what it takes to be an online proofreader and how to snag proofreading jobs that are work at home.

What Exactly is Proofreading

Proofreading is the process of correcting grammar, spelling mistakes, and punctuation in the writing piece. Proofreading involves reviewing a document word for word to ensure there is no spelling, grammar or typographical error in the document. A proofreader has a keen eye for detail and can spot any spelling error, grammatical and typographical mistake to make sure the content is error-free.

Proofreading is the final step in the editing process of a written piece or document. It involves looking for and correcting errors in grammar, style, and spelling.
As an online proofreader, you will proofread anything from online articles and blog posts to social media posts and emails to press releases and newsletters to student essays and books, etc. written documents, depending on the client, type of work, and your expertise.

Who Uses Proofreaders?

Online writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, website owners, small business owners, and local businesses who use online content to build their business turn to online proofreaders to polish their content.

Clients typically include other authors and writers, or they can be entrepreneurs, bloggers, students, teachers, university professors, and just about anyone who has written any content but need proofreaders to review their content. Your clients can also be large brands, content producers, news-centric sites, and organizations.

There is an increasing number of opportunities to proofread content for websites, blogs, social media pages and posts, e-books, emails, newsletters, and more.

Requirements for Online Proofreading Jobs for Beginners

It is not necessary to have proofreading skills or experience to apply for beginner proofreading jobs at home, but you must have impeccable spelling and grammar skills, great vocabulary and attention to detail. You will also need to be proficient in proper comma usage and standard proofreading marks.

If you are proficient in certain writing and proofreading styles, such as AP and The Chicago Manual of style, then you could apply for specific proofreading jobs online for beginners. Large digital publications usually require proofreaders to follow certain writing and proofreading styles.

Do I Need to Have a Degree?

Having a degree in English or journalism can open doors to more and higher paying proofreading jobs. Also, if you want to develop a career as an online proofreader, it is a good idea to gain professional certification in proofreading.

If you do not yet have the experience as a proofreader, there are many places online that can help you find and land proofreading jobs online for beginners. You do not need an English or journalism degree or either to apply for proofreading jobs online.

Where to Find Proofreading Jobs from Home for Beginners?

Proofreading jobs for beginners that are work at home are increasing every day. There are numerous companies and websites that provide at-home proofreading jobs for beginners. You can join a company if you want to work as an employee or search for freelance proofreading jobs online if you want to work as a freelance proofreader.

Some companies online or sites are particularly designed for proofreaders who specialize in a particular field, such as academic, medical and business.
I have put together a list of companies that hire freelancers or self-employed contractors who want to work as proofreaders to proofread content.

Below are some of the best places online to find proofreading jobs:

Proofreading companies online or sites:

• Hello Essay
• Scribendi
• Kibin
• Sibia Proofreading
• Polished Paper
• ProofreadingPal
• EditFast
• Polished Paper
• Babbletype

Freelance marketplaces and job boards or sites:

• Upwork
• Guru
• Freelancer
• PeoplePerHour
• Fiverr
• FlexJobs

There are more companies online or sites, such as Domainite and Lionbridge that also hire for proofreading jobs for beginners, but they do not specialize in proofreading field.
Each company, listed above, has its own requirements and may require you to pass a proofreading exam before you can join the company and start work as a proofreader, depending on the company. However, while you can apply at any time, it could be several weeks or months before you hear from them. As well, don't forget about the great proofreading resource in the Work at Home Directory, Freelance Proofreading Jobs (and Editing Work Too).

How Much Can I Earn as a Beginner Proofreader?

Proofreading jobs online pay less than writing or editing jobs online. The price that clients pay proofreaders, or that proofreaders would charge clients could depend on the type of work.
Depending on the client or/and job, you can charge a client or a client can pay you an hourly or per-page or per project rate for your service. However, proofreaders are usually paid by the page proofread.

A beginner proofreader can expect to charge or earn $1-$5 per hour, depending on the client or/and type of work. The average rate for proofreading jobs is $3 per page. If you are bidding on proofreading jobs online, you can set your own rates. However, if you have established yourself as an online proofreader, you can expect to earn $25-$30 an hour.

If you can proofread fast and put in a large volume of work, you can make more money as an online proofreader.

Thinking About Becoming a Proofreader?

Maybe you haven't had any training at all in proofreading, but you're nibbling on the idea of becoming a proofreader. You like the idea of flexibility and maybe even working from anywhere in the world… but alas, you really don't have a clue what is involved or where to begin. I highly suggest that you read my interview with Caitlin Pyle, Proofread: Learn to Proofread from Anywhere for a Living. Not only is it informative for those thinking about a proofreading career, it can give you some direction. Or at least some serious food for thought.

She also offers a free proofreading workshop that has no strings attached, Start Your Freelance Proofreading Hustle.

In conclusion

If you have impeccable grammar and spelling skills and great attention to detail, you can work from home as an online proofreader. You can make extra cash or even make a living from home working as an online proofreader with blog or website owners, writers, content creators and other individual or institutional clients, depending on your expertise and how much work you put in.

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  1. Brian Evans says:

    I’m interested in obtaining proofreading work. I have little experience as I’ve only studied proofreading for a short while, although I have during that time obtained certification. I am continuing study at an advanced level and am looking to gain further experience. I have undertaken a few unpaid projects in order to help with that and the results have been well received.

  2. Darlene Lindsay says:

    I am interested in an online proofreading position. I have a Masters plus 45 hours in English/Education and have taught at the high school and college levels. I have also proofread for a court reporter for two years. Currently retired, I have flexible hours.

  3. Barbara Durham says:

    I would be very interested in trying out proofing work from others. I love to read and even catch typos in already published works.

  4. I am a school teach, majored in Art and taught a ton of English language to high school age students in London. I have a keen eye for spelling and grammar, and though i have not taught for a long time, I have been the ‘go to’ person to review other peoples written work within the fields I have worked in over the year.

    I would love to work from home exclusively and grow a lucrative business as an independent contractor as a proofreader. So many websites to get ideas from. Takes up a lot of time to break it all down and be sure that you are relying on the most credible information.

  5. Sandra Johnson says:

    Would be interested in more information on this. I worked for 18 years as a contractor for a Government educational program.

  6. I would like to become a proofreader on line. I really don’t have any experience.

  7. Pennie Michelin says:

    I am very interested in online proofreading. I am a former medical transcriptionist.

  8. Laura Laird says:

    I am in the process of writing a book that is fantasy/fiction. I would love to be a proofreader as well, and believe that I would be very good at doing this type of work. I would love to hear back from you at your convenience.
    Thank you,

  9. Amber Poss says:

    I am interested in proofreading jobs. I currently review clinical documentation.

  10. Mitzi Walton says:

    Would love a proofreading job, no experience, but over 30+ years in the job field, where I had to pay attention to every little detail.

  11. I love to be a proofreader, which give me more insight into foreign language field.

  12. Pam Frank says:

    I am also interested, and have been thinking that this is something that I could do. I have zero real experience, but I am everyone’s go-to among those who know me, and people are always saying “you should be an editor or something”. Maybe this is the ‘or something’….

  13. I am interested in proof reading jobs and wish to have a job in this field right now

  14. Annette Thompson says:

    I am interested in a career as a proofreader.
    I look forward to hearing back from you.

  15. Tracy A Hughes says:

    I would be very interested in trying this. I went to college for English, didn’t finish, but I have done a lot of proofreading through the administrative jobs I’ve had for 20 or so years.

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