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Dragonfly Editing - Freelance Work
“Dragonfly Editing offers occasional freelance work for editors. These positions are 100% work from home too!”

Editing for Dragonfly

If you have strong editing skills, like working on a variety of topics, and want to supplement your income from the comfort of your own home, you should check out Dragonfly Freelance writing company. The company makes arrangements to pair clients with members of their editing pool which will check over the client’s manuscript or document and make sure that’s it perfect. Editors who work for Dragonfly have to be able to correct any mistakes they find in the documents they receive without ruining the client’s unique voice.

The Different Types of Services Dragonfly Provides

As an editor on Dragonfly’s team, you’ll get assigned a variety of different and interesting projects which includes;
• Brochures
• Press releases
• Content for websites
• Thesis
• Academic papers
• Books

The Type of Freelance Editor Dragonfly Seeks

When it comes to adding someone to their editing team, Dragonfly knows exactly what they’re looking for. They’re only willing to consider applicants who have excellent editing skills and who have a solid grasp of what makes for solid writing. Each time you receive a project from Dragonfly you need to look at what the client has done and determine what changes you can make to it that will improve the client’s ability to communicate with their audience. You need to improve the line of communication without destroying the writing voice the client used. (See my post, Freelance Proofreading Jobs (and Editing Work Too) for even more editing and proofreading jobs that are work at home.)

Pay Scale

Since Dragonfly charges clients based on a case-by-case situation, you will be paid the same way. The longer and more complex a project, the more you’ll make. On the other hand, the complex projects will also take a great deal more time so you’ll have to determine if the amount you’ll be paid for a project justifies the amount of time and effort you devote to it.

Applying to Dragonfly

The one thing I don’t like about Dragonfly is that they don’t have an online application freelance editors can fill out. If this is a company you’re interested in working with, I suggest you use the contact information they provide and send your resume as well as the name of projects you’ve edited.

I think you’ll have the best chance of getting hired into this company if you have edited at least one article or book which has been published. The more published samples you can provide, the better.

Final Thoughts

I’m not sure that Dragonfly will provide you with enough work to make up the bulk of your income, but as long as you choose your projects wisely and consistently turn in flawless work, I think it can be a good secondary source of income and really help you cover some of your extra bills or maybe even help you save up for a really nice vacation. To see their current openings, go here.

For those super interested in proofreading, I wanted to mention a free webinar that is absolutely obligation free. It's simply a way to learn more about proofreading as a career to see if it really does interest you.

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