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Recession Proof Jobs

The ongoing recession has hit us harder than ever, especially when it comes to job opportunities. Unemployment rates are soaring high, and most people are finding it challenging to cope with the financial instability. However, there is no need to be disheartened because, amidst all the chaos, there are still ways of making a living. In this blog post, we have listed some recession-proof online jobs that you can do right from your home. Whether you are a student, unemployed, or just looking to earn some extra income, these job opportunities can help you make ends meet.

And according to Techopedia, “In September 2023, 28% of workdays were worked remotely, a significant increase from 7% in 2019 (WFH Research, 2023).”

So, remote work is not unusual anymore. And the jobs and ideas below are certainly in demand.

recession proof work from home jobs

1. Virtual Assistant

If you have excellent organizational and management skills, then becoming a virtual assistant is an ideal job for you. As a virtual assistant, you can handle administrative tasks for clients from the comfort of your home. Your responsibilities may include scheduling appointments, organizing files, answering emails, and performing different tasks. See my post which has an awesome resource list of companies hiring virtual assistants.

2. Freelance Writer

If you have a passion for writing, freelance writing can be the perfect job for you. You can write articles or blog posts on topics of your interest and get paid for it. There are many freelance platforms available, including Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr, where you can find clients looking for quality content. See my post that lists freelance writing opportunities.

3. Online Tutor

If you have a degree, expertise, or experience in a particular subject, you can use your knowledge to become an online tutor. Many tutoring websites hire online tutors who can teach children or adults in various subjects such as Math, English, Science, and others. As an online tutor, you may work on an hourly basis, and the demand for online tutors is increasing. Teaching being resilent and one of the best recession proof jobs was seen during the pandemic. Teachers were online teaching their classes as best they could, because education must continue. See my post that lists online tutoring jobs and companies.

4. Web Designer

If you have a creative mind and expertise in web designing, you can work as a freelance web designer. With the rise of e-commerce businesses and startups, the demand for web designers has exponentially increased. You can design websites, landing pages, or even social media templates, and get paid for your work. Having thorough knowledge and understanding of WordPress, Kadance, Elementor and Genesis can boost your hiring chances.

5. Social Media Manager

If you are active on social media and know how to engage audiences, you can become a social media manager. Many businesses and companies hire social media managers who can handle their social media accounts, create engaging content, and increase followers. You can work from home, have flexible working hours, and earn an income.

6. online or remote nursing

The medical field always offers recession proof jobs, because people and pets always get sick. It's part of life. For jobseekers looking for a way to utilize their nursing skills in a non-traditional environment, online or remote nursing jobs can be a perfect fit. These types of jobs allow nurses to work from the comfort of their own homes, and provide opportunities to work with patients across the country. Remote nurses may be involved in telemedicine, providing advice and support via phone or video chat, or they might work with insurance companies to assess medical claims. Whatever the specific role, online or remote nursing jobs require excellent communication skills, an ability to work independently, and a passion for improving patients' health. With many hospitals and medical facilities moving towards digital solutions, remote nursing jobs are likely to continue to be in demand. Job hunters will find that with a little flexibility and dedication, they can build a rewarding career as a remote nurse.

7. video editor

Think about it… YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram — as these influencers and streamers grow their audience, they typically need help editing their raw footage. Video editor online jobs typically require technical skills in video editing and production, and creativity in creating new content. The pay for this type of job will depend on various factors such as experience, skill level, and employer, but it is usually in the range of $20-$30 per hour. With today's remote work options, video editor online jobs are perfect for those who want to work from home while working in a field they love.

final thoughts on recession proof jobs

Bottom line as I see it, finding a job during these trying times can be tough, but with determination and an open mind, there are still employment opportunities available. Working remotely is becoming a norm, and online jobs are in high demand. Whether you opt for virtual assistant work or become a freelance writer, online tutoring, web designing, or social media management, you can earn a living while working from home. Remember to keep an eye out and continue to update your skills and knowledge, and you will indeed find a job that's right for you.

Check out the work from home job leads board here at for current job leads that cover a wide variety.

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