LiveOps Work From Home [Full Review]

LiveOps Work From Home
“If you're needing an at home job that's flexible, LiveOps Work From Home Program might be just right for you!”

LiveOps Work From Home Independent Contractors

The great thing about LiveOps is that it’s a customer service company that relies on independent contractors, but you won’t have to worry about dealing with a massive number of irate callers. Most of the companies that LiveOps works with are companies that run infomercials. The independent contractors are the ones who take the orders for the gadgets shown on the late night programming. Not only don’t you have to deal with irritated customers, but some of the people who call are real characters.

How Much Will You Make

I think that one of the things that attract many people to LiveOps is the reports that people can make $3,000-4,000 a month. While I can’t say that it’s impossible to make that kind of money working for the company as an independent contractor, I can say that I’m not pulling in that much and neither is anyone I know who uses the company. Glassdoor reviews has LiveOps at 3.2 star rating out of 5. As well — they put hourly customer support reps at earning anywhere from $12 to $14 an hour.

I do know several people who use LiveOps to pay all of their bills and also manage to set a small amount of money aside each month. Those who do this work about 40 hours a week for the company and have worked hard. Everyone who works for the company is very pleased with the amount of work they get and feel secure that they have a long future with LiveOps. (I have a big list of online customer support jobs that you can check out. I also have a non-phone jobs list for those not loving the idea of phone support.)

Requirements for a LiveOps Work From Home Job

LiveOps does have some requirements. In order to be one of their independent contractors, you will need to have a landline and a corded phone, though the company is very quick to point out that a long distance carrier isn’t something they require. You’ll also need a headset that you can attach to your phone. You need to have a good quality computer that has at least a Windows 7 operating system or higher, plenty of memory, a sound card, a printer, and internet access.

If you have everything LiveOps requires, you’re ready to fill out the application which you can find on their website. This application is quite extensive and some of the things the company wants to know might seem really personal. The company does promise that all of this information is secure. Before applying to LiveOps you should know that the company does work with a secondary company who runs a background check on all applicants. One of the things they will be checking is your credit history. LiveOps promises they’ll never sell any of your personal information.


One of the things I really like about LiveOps is that the schedule is truly flexible. You’re welcome to work short ½ hour blocks, or you can work as long a shift as you choose. The phone lines are open 24/7. It’s important to note that you only get paid for the time that you’re actually speaking to callers so it’s in your best interest to work as much as you can during peak periods.

Applying for LiveOps Work From Home Program

As of right now, all of the independent contractors that LiveOps work with live in the United States. You can start the application process by going here.

Do you currently work for LiveOps or have you in the past? Please share your experience below in the comments section. I know my readers and I would both love to hear about it. Thank you in advance.

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