DoorDash Order Taker [Work at Home $10-$15 hr!]

DoorDash Order Taker

Hi! May I Take Your Order?

Yep — that's what you're doing for the company DoorDash as an order taker. Only you get to do it from your own home! Nice! I've kind of been on a roll lately writing about all these food/order taking companies. Because I personally am fascinated with this type of work, I knew a lot of my readers would be too. So with that mindset, I set out to research them all. Today its DoorDash.

Who is DoorDash?

DoorDash is actually old by internet standards. They were founded in 2013. But like many great start-ups in this day and age — it was a college dorm room idea that ultimately took off with hard work. Basically, DoorDash delivers food within 45 minutes away in areas and cities that they cover. Currently, the cities they cover are: San Francisco, San Jose/Silicon Valley, Oakland/East Bay, Los Angeles, LA Valley, Orange County, San Diego, Brooklyn, Lower Manhattan, Boston, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, and Phoenix.

But they are growing rapidly. And delivery food like Taco Bell and most recently Dunkin Donuts — they don't seem to be losing any steam. Though they do have a lot of competition. OrderUp, Grubhub and Pizza delivery all deliver food too.

But this is a boon for those of us that want to work from home. And the real bonus is that taking food orders can come in low on the stress level compared to other phone-based work at home jobs.

So the Pay and Hours – Tell Me More!

I've read a few different variations on what the pay is — but I'm gonna quote directly from the DoorDash site:

You could make up to $15/hr. Average pay will be around $10/hr. Order more, make more!

The range comes from being paid PER order — not a base PER hour. You're paid a rate of .35 cents per order — I know it doesn't sound like a lot but DoorDash also has a bonus system in place, so you can certainly make more by hitting quotas or working their craziest busy time hours. (Meaning – nights, weekends and holidays!)

Speaking of busy hours — there can be a lull in action — so just showing up isn't always going to garner a paycheck. As well — there has been some talk of over-hiring which can mean things are pretty competitive. Of course, I never let any of that stop me from applying or trying something out. That goes for everyone. For every five hires, maybe 2 find out it's not for them — so there is always room for someone else.

For actual shifts, DoorDash is open from 7am to 10pm PST every day! So you can work the hours you want, they just ask that whatever shifts you pick — you stick with that.

This is an independent contractor position, so sadly, no benefits and no job security. BUT – for many of us that have been out in the “work at home” world for awhile know that this is nothing new. Just as easily as we toss a virtual job because we don't like it or find something better — employers like the idea of doing the same. Take Uber for example — lots of promises when they first started for their customer service reps — but eventually moved the ones hired as employees to “staffing agency” status and sent many of their customer service jobs overseas. Companies can be fickle out there – so try and have a tough skin and always be ready to jump to something new.

What Are the Qualifications

Actually, DoorDash does not have any mega hoops. I'd say this is pretty much wide open for many of us. On their job application they have the following:


Work from home! This job is 100% remote, you can do it from your couch.
Work from any state in America!
You will be calling in to go orders and speaking with many different merchants.
Being familiar with ordering takeout is helpful!
You could make up to $15/hr. Average pay will be around $10/hr. Order more, make more!
This is an independent contractor position – choose when you want to work!


You own a computer
You have fast and reliable internet
You are attentive to details
You are patient and speak clearly
You have references and can pass a background check

Pretty basic stuff there if you ask me. So those with little or no customer service experience and really wanting to work from home — here's one that you should go for.

How Do I Apply?

I see forms crop up here and there to apply. You can see their latest job openings here. They do have a blog that you can check out as well here. I include that because they might announce new cities, new clients and other posts about growth which means more hiring. Plus it's kinda cool to know if they are coming to your city and new companies they are delivering for.

If you're interested in earning with DoorDash in another way — they also let you sign up as a “Dasher”. You can earn delivering food to customers. You can set your own schedule. Learn more about being a Dasher here.

Like the idea of taking food orders? Check out the following:

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Update 2022: Like Uber, DoorDash has outsourced most of its customer support jobs overseas to the Philippines. They still have many openings on their job page though for other positions. I would certainly give it a look — there might be something else or another department you want to work in.

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  1. Kelly Land @MoneyMakingMommy.com says:

    That’s awesome that you’re a “dasher”! I know a few people that deliver in my area as well and they really like it. From what I can research — it appears that DoorDash has sent “most” of its support jobs overseas.I assume, like Uber — it’s cheaper labor and that’s why they did it :/ That doesn’t mean all their support positions are overseas — so do check their jobs page often. There are also MANY other jobs they hiring for right now, so check those out too. You might find something more appealing or worth applying for that you weren’t expecting or thinking about.

  2. Tamika vaughn says:

    I already work for doordash but I want to be an order taker. How do I apply and where? I’m in Wisconsin

  3. No online for the North Dallas area….shocking

  4. Rosie L Iba says:

    How do I apply to Doordash – where is the information to apply? Thank You

  5. Kelly Land @MoneyMakingMommy.com says:

    Oh no!! I knew several people that took orders for them. Thanks for letting us know!

  6. Doordash does not have U. S. Order placers no longer since 10/2018 . You can drive for them, but no work from home!

  7. Kelly Land @MoneyMakingMommy.com says:

    I’m not sure I understand your comment :) You’d be taking orders over the phone for DoorDash using their online computer system. You’d be working from YOUR own home. Your not delivering anything to anyone. The at-home positions are available in the cities/states I mention in the post. I’m not aware of any others at this time.

  8. Marilyn Shelton says:

    So it’s not available in Salt Lake City? So you’re saying I’m risking my life for .35 cents an order to go up to stranger’s houses?

  9. Iris McCoy says:

    I would like to apply to door dash as an order taker. I can start right away.

  10. Sharon Burks says:

    How do I apply to Doordash

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