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How About Being Paid $15 for an Article?

**QualityGal is now Online Writing Jobs**

Hey Kelly – that sounds pretty good! What about being paid $30 for an article? Heck yes! Even better. Another great option for those of us wanting to work at home. As we continue to explore and move forward with our journey to make extra cash – we explore this freelance writing opportunity from QualityGal.

The idea that you can earn money writing articles might not float your boat initially – but it's a very lucrative time investment if you're willing to do the work.

BUT – before we get all excited and giddy about this, let's just do a quick reality check.


OK… now that we got that out of the way – let's talk about QualityGal and jobs for writers and how we can make money from home with them. If you've never thought about being a writer – now is the time to think about. Great writing is a hot, hot commodity right now. I see it as only becoming more so. Hone your skills, jump on board this freelance work train because those that can do it, can earn.

Who Is QualityGal?

I want to know too…
So let's see what we can find out.
QualityGal's mission, goal – whatever you want to call it – is basically to provide high-quality content to web owners. Super, awesome articles are in high demand on the internet. With Google's latest algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin – it's become real apparent, real fast to many web owners that their content better be stellar and original – if not, it could mean a serious ranking penalty. In turn – a loss of traffic and that leads to “death of a website” and that leads to “death of earnings/income”.
You get my drift.

So – really good articles are needed, lots of them – because along with needing great content, websites need fresh content in order to rank as well.

So writing…. means decent money if you can do it. And listen, I am not a novelist. I am not an English major. I do enjoy writing for my work at home site, MoneyMakingMommy.com – but do not count yourself out of this challenge because you think you can't write. You can. Trust me. And heck, for $15 to $30 an article – you want to give it a try.

QualityGal is a network of writers and has been around since 2006 originally (under the name Rita's Writers), but was re-branded as QualityGal in 2008. So they are established. They are not some fly-by-night operation. This is something I always consider and look at before I just jump in. Yes, ground floor opportunities are great in some instances – but for a decent freelance writing job – I would prefer a company that's been around a while. And 6+ years is a decent amount of time.

How Do I Become a Writer for QualityGal

Well it's not like the old days when you could slap up an article on eHow.com and earn. Like I said – search engines don't want junk. Neither does QualityGal.

You'll need to fill out the proper forms, including tax information – JUST like you would if you were an independent contractor for any company. I fill out tax info (W-9's) all the time and have for years. It's required and important. If someone REALLY wants your tax info – for whatever reason, they can get it. If someone wants it because you're going to work for them – it's normal. They could get into trouble with the IRS? They have to issue 1099's at the end of the year.

Quality Gal Jobs

The Reality of Income of Income as a Writer for QualityGal

Hmmm… I would think this varies all over the place. But I'm going to weigh in as a writer. I can write a decent article in a day. A really great article in two days. So I'm thinking for me, I could write two really great articles a week. That's $60 per week or $120 per month.

For me, $120 a month or roughly $1400 a year is a decent amount of money. For me and my family of four, that $120 would buy groceries every week.

QualityGal is now OnlineWritingJobs.com. Here is the link to their writer's page.

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  1. Kelly, I tried to look up the QualityGal website and it is not coming up for me. Are they under a different name?



  2. Can you please tell me the name of the website which pays for writing small posts may from 200 words.

  3. I’m not sure when this was posted but I will definitely try QualityGal. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Cathleen,
    It’s ok if you don’t want to write. Some people just don’t like it. Feels like doing homework. But there is serious money to be made in freelance writing right now.


  5. I this is Cathleen, I will not be doing this challenge. I am not good at writing articles or blogs at all. Never have been. Thanks for this challenge though and am waiting for the next one.

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