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LovetoKnow Writing Jobs
Love the idea of being a writer that works from home? LovetoKnow is hiring writers. Get the scoop!”

Write About Something You Love and Earn

Anyone who loves writing and would like to add another egg to their work at home income basket should take a few minutes to check out LovetoKnow. This is an organization that provides internet users with information. Right now they are looking for freelance writers who will help them create some updated and accurate content.

How LovetoKnow Works

Once you have been added to the LovetoKnow team you will be provided a topic area. You will only be able to submit articles that are in your approved topic. The good news is that you are free to apply for more than one specialty which not only prevents you from getting bored but also increases the amount of work available.

According to one resource I found, hot topics LovetoKnow needs experts on topics that range from home improvement, small appliances, drinkolgy, and cheerleading. (See my post, Online Writing Jobs for a big list of writing based jobs that are work from home.)

Other Information You Should Know

It looks like you should expect to write articles that are at least 650 words long. They pay between $15 and $50 per article. Payments are made monthly via PayPal.
Glassdoor has given LovetoKnow a 3.5 star rating.

Are You Qualified?

LovetoKnow is pretty specific about the type of writers they’re willing to work with. Not only do they want to make sure each writer has excellent writing skills, but they also insist on at least a year of writing/website interfaces experience. The more attentive you are when it comes to details, the more likely it is that you’ll be invited to join the LovetoKnow team.
LovetoKnow doesn’t want to spend a great deal of time encouraging writers to submit work, so you will need to be a self-starter.

If you decide that you are qualified to write for them, you need to have your writing resume on hand before you apply. From what I can tell, the application process requires 2 separate phone interviews.

My Concerns

My biggest issue with LovetoKnow is that it only pays monthly, a policy I don’t agree with. I don’t like having to wait so long just to get paid. I also think that this policy is extremely difficult for individuals who have just started to work from their own homes.

Another thing I learned that seems worth noting is that some writers felt that LovetoKnow wanted a great deal of revising, and felt that the amount of work they had to devote to each article wasn’t worth the amount they were paid.

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