Write On Results – Make Money with Your Handwriting

Write On Results - Make Money with Your Handwriting

Write On Results: Can You Write Your Way to Financial Independence?

Some people may persuasively argue that writing by hand is a dying art. After all, with computers, smart phones and everything else with keyboard capabilities, no longer is there a need for pen and paper. Typing is easier, faster and a lot less cumbersome to read. However, what typing does not have is that personal touch and that is where Write On Results can help.

What is Write On Results?

Write On Results began in 2005 by Ray Hrach who was looking to create a successful work-at-home opportunity. He realized there was a market for people wanting handwritten mailings like invitations, holiday cards, fundraising letters, thank you cards and sales campaigns. The basis for his business is that people prefer handwritten mail and usually will open it and read it as opposed to a typical form letter that has been sifted through a printer with a label on it.

Hrach sites six reasons why handwritten mail is better than any labeled envelope: the mailing will be less likely to end up in the trash, customers get a personal touch, it will stand out from competitors, it will get a higher response rate, an improved return on investment and true results will be seen.

The company offers a variety of handwritten services including post-it notes, envelopes, personalized notes, fundraising campaigns, thank you cards, greeting cards, event invitations and product launches. Basically, anything mailed can be handwritten. When a company requires such services, they simply go to the Write On Results website and request a quote.

Can You Make Money with Write On Results?

You would like to think so, but the amount you make seems to be a mystery as their site offers nothing in the way of what writers make or what a usual charge is to customers for their handwriting services. You can request a quote if you need their services and it is safe to say that the bigger the job, the more you will make. Just how much you will make is a bit uncertain.

However, like many at-home opportunities, they have an affiliate program and one can assume this is where the money is to be made. Their affiliate page states that if you join their program, you will earn fifty percent on every sale. So far that is a good start. The way it works is you create an account and paste the linking code into either your e-mail or website. When visitors to your site click on the link, their IP gets logged and a cookie is put into their browser for tracking. If the visitor decides to place an order (either at the time of the visit or on another visit), it will count as your sale and you will get your commission.

Hrach is big on promoting his latest book, Handwriting for Cash, which outlines just how you can create your own handwriting business from home. There seems to be more promotion of the book on the Write On Results website than for the actual services he provides. People who have purchased the book have enjoyed it and felt that Hrach was insightful and honest in helping them develop an at-home business.

The Cons

Although the company has been around for several years, there seems to be a lack of information about them on the Internet which seems a bit odd. On the one hand, nothing negative has been said about the company which is good, but you would still like to know how others have done working for them.

You can find the Handwriting for Cash book on a few sites, like Amazon, to purchase and the two reviews posted of the book were very positive, but there is not even an indication if this book has lead others to at-home success.

The mere fact that there is no pricing for anything on their site can make you a bit suspicious on how they come to their quotes in the first place. While every job does differ, it would be nice for them to offer some sort of guideline as to how much a general job would be and what some extra services may cost.

Is Write On Results Legitimate?

This is one of those cases where you do not seem to have anything to lose by inquiring about how their company works and what kind of money you can potentially make. By not having much of an Internet presence, you may understandably be apprehensive. But since they are not asking for anything more than filling out an online form, you may decide to find out what they are about just out of curiosity. Just be wary that the owner is not just using the site to sell his book—which you can always decline. As with many of these opportunities, do some research (even contact the owner if possible) and enter at your own risk.


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