WoW Women on Writing [Earn $50-$75 for Accepted Submission]

Women on Writing

A Place to Earn Online Writing

I get emails here and there and about earning an income as a writer. I get it. It’s exactly why I moved into the direction of full-time writing. I wanted that flexibility. And of course — I wanted to be able to do it from home.

It’s exactly why I took classes like Gina Horkey's, 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success. I’m not a professional writer – unless you want to count the posts I write on my blog (like this one). So I needed to take my interest a little further and fine tune, learn more and then work toward the income I wanted and needed to freelance full time.

Writing… about Writing

WoW-Women on Writing is a place for writers! No really…. It’s all about writing. Whether you’re working on your first novel or your first blog post — Women on Writing has article after article written about everything from character development to comma confusion to perfecting resumes! (See my big list of Online Writing Jobs for more freelance writing opportunities and gigs.)

Do You Have a Writer’s Heart?

Know something about writing? Or about writing about a certain topic? Or maybe freelance finances? Are you one of those “Bad Grammar Pointer-Outers”?

Here’s my advice – head over to the Women on Writing site. Spend some time looking over their articles and topics. Does something catch your eye? Is there something you could expand on or branch out from and write about?

What Do They Pay and How?

The payment for a 1000 to 3000 word article averages $50 to $75. Now — this is negotiated between the editor and writer, so nothing is set in stone. They state on the site that more in depth articles can pay more.

As well — they pay via PayPal. Once your post is live, you invoice for payment on the agreed amount.

Submissions and Rights to the Work

According to the Women on Writing site:

We require first rights and the right to archive the article indefinitely. After one month from the date of publication, rights revert back to the author and the author retains all copyrights to her work. Although we support you in republishing your article in other online and print publications, we request that you not syndicate your article on sites that provide free content. This practice lowers the value of the piece we have published and using those sites strip you of your rights to your own article.

They do not accept reprints — so keep that in mind if you’re thinking about going that route.

In order to submit an article — you first need to email your query to them. Basically, you're pitching what you want to write about. They want queries that are a “fully fleshed out idea”. They’d also like you to include your bio and some samples.

They have all the details on their contact page. I encourage you to read through all of it before you email them. Just take your time, think about your topic and go from there.

They get A LOT of spam and A LOT of submissions — so be patient.

Final Thoughts on Women on Writing

I personally would LOVE the exposure and opportunity to have an accepted query and eventually a published article on WoW-Women on Writing. I think it would look great in a portfolio and hey… snagging a decent payment for my work – even better.

Don’t get bogged down by what you don’t know. Or you’re not a good enough writer. Look over a lot of topics there and find your angle or how you can create something fresh that will contribute to the site. You’d be surprised at what you might come up with! To get all the details, go here.

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