Is 99DollarSocial Legit? Full Review, Including Pay Rate

99 Dollar Social

Make Money as a Social Media Content Specialist for 99 Dollar Social

If you are familiar with various social media sites, spend a lot of time on social networks, have research skills, and a knack for writing, then you could get paid to spend your time on social media. That is where 99 Dollar Social comes in. This company hires for work at home jobs that will pay you to curate content for various types of companies and share the content to these companies' social accounts. If you are really great at writing creative content that engages people, then working as a Social Media Content for 99 Dollar Social could be a great work from home position for you.

What Is 99 Dollar Social?

99 Dollar Social is a social media company that offers low-cost social media content (social media posts)management services for small businesses to help them maintain a solid presence on social media. They are a US-Based company, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. 99 Dollar Social specializes in working with small businesses from around the world to promote their clients' products and services.

The company hires people to work from home as Social Media Content Specialists to help increase their clients' social media presence. Many smaller companies simply cannot afford full-time social media managers or a social team — so, this is an affordable option.

What Will You Be Doing?

You'll be discovering, writing and sharing interesting, unique, relevant social media content with your clients' audience to establish and maintain the social media presence for the clients. You will be handling social media accounts of small business owners, writing unique content for social media pages for publishing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and more social media accounts once a day every day. See my post, Online Writing Jobs for a big list of jobs you can do from home that revolves around writing.

You will be working with many different small business owners across many different industries. Your goal will be to write content for social media pages in a way so that the content is tailored to each company specifically so each client's voice comes through the content to brand their businesses and to engage their audience.

This is a work from home position, which lets you work in your pajamas. However, you must be able to complete the job assigned to you each day. (Have a daily plan of attack each day in order to complete your assignments in a timely manner!) The company expects you to become available to work full time (40 hours per week) and take on 100-200 accounts within a reasonable time. However, even though you'll have a full workload, consider this one of those flexible jobs as far as hours.

Number of hours will vary based on the number of accounts you take on and how fast your capacity can grow. You might be assigned new accounts daily (Monday to Friday) until you reach your capacity. You will need to be able to handle at least 10 social media accounts.

What Are the Requirements to Work for 99 Dollar Social?

Do you the Social Media Content Specialist position, you will meet the following requirements:

They prefer native English speakers that are familiar with all of the social media platforms. To name a few, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. (You might like my post, A Strategic Guide to Making Money on Pinterest.)

• You're super organized, disciplined and detail oriented.
• You are savvy in social media and an active user of social media services and sites.
• Must understand how businesses use different social media sites to promote their businesses and engage their audience.
• You're able to write content in a way that the client's voice comes through the content to brand their businesses and to engage their audience.
• You have impeccable grammar, spelling and punctuation skills.

The company asks that you are available to work 40 hours per week and expects that you can take on 100-120 accounts. But, the number of hours you will have to do will vary based on the number of accounts you have. Generally, you will be assigned new accounts daily from Monday to Friday until you reach capacity, i.e. 40 hours per week.

How to Apply?

To apply submit your application online here. Tell about yourself, including any prior social media experience you may have and why you are the best person for the job. The company wants to see your personality and skill for creative writing shine through your message, so consider this as the first step in the interview process.

What Is the Pay rate?

99 Dollar Social offers a flat rate per account, which means if you work efficiently, you can earn a good hourly wage.
If you are able to work quickly and efficiently, you can increase your hourly earnings.

It is a contractor position, so there are no benefits. You can work full time from home managing social media accounts for this company's clients.

In Conclusion

If you like writing social media content and are looking for a full-time work from home position with a great degree of freedom and flexibility, working as a Social Media Content Specialist for 99 Dollar Social could be a good fit for you. You can use your social media, research and writing skills to make a good income from home.

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