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Who Is TextRoyal?

Founded in 2008, TextRoyal is basically a content creation company — offering it's writing service to clients. But not just writing, they also offer proofreading as well. The content they create ranges from unique, SEO content and blog posts to custom content and press releases. However they work with some clients on a custom solution or custom template for the content type they need.

They pride themselves on offering quality content that is monitored to ensure they are always providing the best for their clients.

Of course, providing tons of quality content means you have to have writers on stand by to provide it. This is where earning as a writer comes in for you and I.

Freelance Writing Jobs Through TextRoyal

If you like writing and have a natural knack for it – this could be an opportunity to help you earn extra income. There are currently over 21,000 writers in TextRoyal's database. These writers are earning the company a 4.9 rating out of 5 by their clients. That's a good thing!

Clients of Text Royal can request work 24/7. That means there are writers ready, able and willing to work at any time. This also opens up a lot of opportunity for those writers that don't keep traditional hours for whatever reason. Feel the most productive at 3am in the morning? That's ok! As long as there is timely project completion, you're good.

Keep in mind though, there are quality requirements, as TextRoyal prides itself on offering high-quality writing services with a satisfaction guarantee.

Getting Started, Free Signup

It's absolutely free to sign up as a writer. They do not charge any fees whatsoever. There is no assessment test mentioned either.

You'll simply create your account/profile and get started.

This is open internationally — but you will need to pass a writing test. Supposedly, the test is not extremely hard. So this might be a good opportunity for someone new to writing freelance that needs experience.

Writing Assignments

Once you've created your account – you can take your pick of writing assignments. TextRoyal has gathered the clients for you. You're just decided which projects are of interest to you.

These projects can range from more complicated tech writing assignments and academic assignments to fun assignments like writing a blog post about gaming. But there are a variety of projects to choose from.

Getting Paid

So, listen – I get it… 0.03 cents per word is not great earnings for writers. When I Google'd “writing freelance average pay per word” — this post comes up, “How much Should Freelance Writers Charge Per Word“. According to this article, “you shouldn’t be working for any less than $0.02 per word, but nor can you reasonably hope to work for anything close to a dollar per word.”

I reached out to TextRoyal and asked straight up, “How much does the average writer earn?” They got back with promptly:

Normal writers who pass our test job can earn 200-400USD per month. After a writer finishes some jobs and keeps a high rating, the writer can start to see Premium/Enterprise quality jobs for which earnings are almost double. So, an experienced/good writer can earn from our website up to 1000USD per month or even more — it depends how much time he/she spends with our website.

Taking that info into consideration… it's definitely not the greatest money maker on the planet as far as freelance writing gigs — but it's work that could bid you time until you get better paying work and it can help you build your writing portfolio. And there is the potential to make better money through TextRoyal once you've got other assignments under your belt and a higher rating within their platform.

I also have many readers that are from other countries, not just the USA. And they are looking for work at home writing jobs too.

Now, back to getting paid. Your paid for each every article that is accepted by the client. According to the TextRoyal site, “Funds are available to you once you've earned $10.” These payments are made via PayPal or Payoneer.

CLICK HERE to create your Writer account with TextRoyal, and get started today!

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