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Copypress Jobs for Those Seeking Writing Work

I realize that many of you are interested in freelance writing work. I'm always looking for companies that offer this type of work and allows writers to work from home. Actually – work from anywhere!
CopyPress knows that some writers write one style better than another, which is why they’re actively seeking two different types of writers. You can apply to be a specialty writer or a general writer. And don't forget, I have a whole page with a list of work at home writing jobs that you might want to check out too. I've got blogging jobs listed as well on another page.

Copypress Jobs for Specialty Writers

This group of writers focuses primarily on creating blog posts. When you apply to be a specialty writer for CopyPress you will write content that focuses on a niche. During the application process you will be required to declare a specialty, and all assignments you receive will connect to your niche. The amount of work you receive will depend on the popularity of your niche.

Copypress Jobs for General Writers

As a general writer you’ll have to go through a certification process that proves you’re qualified to compose a variety of different types of content. The best thing about being a general writer is that you’re not limited to writing about topics that fall into a specific niche.
CopyPress general writers create the following types of content;
• Product copy
• Sharebait
• Infographics
What you need to Have in Order to Succeed as a CopyPress Freelance Contractor
• Strong research skills
• An excellent grasp of grammar
• The ability to honor your commitments
• The ability to follow directions
• A solid understanding of English and good writing skills
• The ability to understand how to write in a variety of formats, including personal essays and blog posts.
• Must be a legal resident of Australia, the United States,


One of the great things about CopyPress is that they are really good about paying their writers in a timely fashion. You can expect to receive your money on the 1st and 15th of every month. Although funds can be deposited into your PayPal account, if you don’t have one, that’s okay. CopyPress is willing to make a direct deposit into your bank account. The last time I heard anyone talking about CopyPress, it was reported that they paid about $0.06 cents a word, which lower than people who have been in the business like, but higher than a lot of content mills are willing to go.

Final Thoughts of CopyPress

The biggest issue I have with CopyPress at the moment is that their testing process can be extensive and it often takes several days before they’ll get back to you. There are also periods of time when they don’t have much work available. However, the company is legit and they don’t require a minimal amount of work from you, making them a great option to have handy when your other sources of work at home income have become stagnant.

You can learn more about being a writer for Copypress on their FAQ page here.

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