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Lifehack Writer Jobs

Flexible Freelance Blog Writer Opportunity

Lifehack is a well-known website that uses blogging to provide life hacking advice. The website is reported to have more than 1½ million monthly visitors. They’re looking for freelance writers who would be willing to write additional blogs.

What You’d Be Writing

Lifehack deals with a wide variety of topics, making it a good fit for any writer who gets bored when they have to write 10 articles about the same topic. However, before you apply to be a Lifehack writer you should be aware that the company isn’t interested in fluff. Any article they publish will be well written and well researched. This isn’t going to be a good fit if you’re a writer who likes to fill articles with fluff. So yes, you can be a freelance blog writer, but that doesn't mean you can write anything. Only quality work is what they pay for.

The Good News

The thing that I really like about Lifehack is it provides new writers with a great opportunity to develop a fan base, something that could be very beneficial to you if you ever decide to create your own blog. I should point out that I have found at least one Lifehack writer who questions whether the blog connects her with as many readers as they imply.

Applying to Lifehack

If you think that Lifehack will be a good match for you, there’s an application you can fill out right on the Lifehack website. You should be prepared to provide the topics you’re most qualified to write about, a website you write for (if you don’t have a website, you should at least post a FB name or Twitter handle), and provide a few samples of your writing. I would urge you to make sure you provide samples of your writing that are connected to the topics you choose.

If you’re interested in writing for Lifehack, Witson Gordan has written an interesting post about how he got started as a Lifehack writer.

How Much Will You Have to Write

One of the things I like about Lifehack is that they ask right up front about how frequently you plan on being able to post. I urge you to think carefully before you answer this question. For the first few months you write for Lifehack, you will have to stick to the answer you provided.

Once you have been added to Lifehack’s team of paid contributors, you will be assigned specific articles to write and should plan on writing about 2 or 3 articles each week. I don’t know how lenient they will be if there is a period of time when you can’t write.

If you like writing, you should check out the Lifehack website and see if the articles are something you think you should write. If they are, apply as a paid contributor, you have nothing to lose! The application is here.

Are you a writer for Lifehack? Have you written for them in the past? Please share your comments below. We'd love to know more! Thank you in advance.

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