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List Writing Jobs

Get Paid to Write About Anything. Including Making Lists.

On those overwhelming days when you wake up to find procrastination has gotten the best of you (again) and you’re left with an enormous pile of things to get done in a tiny window of time, what is the first thing you do?

Ok… Lets be real. FIRST you make coffee if you're anything like me and you want to be able to function.

But SECOND, you make a list. Having been a list-maker since early childhood, mine have gotten sophisticated, where tasks are prioritized and feature headers with timelines.

If this sounds like you, perhaps you should consider a side-gig or even a full-blown career move into list-writing.

As far as the types of lists you’ll need to write in order to make money, these are not just simple To-Dos. Generally speaking, they will be articles similar to the post you’re reading right now. Ideas such as “21 Ways to Impress Your Boss,” “Top 10 Companies that Send Free Samples,” or, yes, even “6 Top-Earning Sites to Cash In Writing Lists.”

The best part is, you don’t have to be an expert-level professional writer to start out. In fact, list-writing is a great way to hone your writing skills and even get expert feed-back and coaching in some cases. If you’re looking to break into the freelance writing market, this is a smart first step.

Places to Check Out for This Type of Writing Work

1. WondersList
This site is a great way to get your feet wet learning the ropes of list-making if you're new to it or not yet confident in your writing skills. They tend to offer less compensation than most list sites, but its much easier to get hired.

As long as you're willing to post 1500 word lists containing at least 10 items, have a basic understanding of the English language, and use spellcheck, you should be able to rake in some extra dough here while you get your feet wet.

Pay Rate: $5 per list
Pay Method: PayPal / Payoneer
To learn more about WondersList, click here.

2. Cracked
If you are already a seasoned writer or you’ve gotten a feel for list-writing, you can begin the process of trying to get hired by a site like Cracked. They accept many other forms of writing as well, such as image-based writing and meme-making, but most of their content is written in list form.

Cracked is known for their pop-culture comedy, so make sure you brush up on your celeb-knowledge and bring your sense of humor.

It can be more difficult to get your work published at a top list site such as Cracked, so make sure you proofread, vary your word usage, and keep your paragraphs short and your content interesting.
Pay Rate: $100-$200 per published article
Pay Method: PayPal / Payoneer.
Visit this site to get started with Cracked.

3. ListVerse
This list site differs from others in this post in that it’s a bit of a gamble. Just because they accept and publish your submission, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be paid for it. Anyone can DONATE a list for publication, and if it does well or the editors love it, you’ll be paid. If not, you’ve wasted your time and given your content away for free.

As with Cracked, ListVerse expects you to be your own editor and “conform to the highest standards of the English language,” according to their site. Articles must be 1500-2,000 words, possess at least 10 items, and feature properly cited sources.

Pay Rate: $100 per list
Pay Method: PayPal
Visit ListVerse’s article submission page here.

4. AlistApart
Like ListVerse, AlistApart writers are not hired staff, but rather get published on a post-by-post basis. However, you don’t have to write the entire thing before it will be considered, and if they publish your piece, you will be paid. Simply pitch them an original idea with an outline, and they’ll let you know if it's a winner.

This site provides a great opportunity to hone your writing skills because you’ll be provided with feedback and coaching form their professional team of editors that will push you to write a stellar article. If you’re trying to break into the writing world, this is your chance.

Published articles run anywhere from 600-2500 words and require properly cited sources.

Pay Rate: $50-$200
Pay Method: PayPal
Click here to get more information on Alistapart.

5. What Culture
Though What Culture is a British company, they regularly accept submissions from around the globe. This site’s pay rate varies widely according to exposure. As they pay less than $1 per 1,000 views, it appears if you get 999 views or less in the first 28 days, you get nothing.

While this rate may not seem worth your time, if your article were to go viral within a month of its release, you could be looking at a serious windfall. It may be best to only submit your most killer ideas to this site in hopes that you hit the jackpot.

Pay Rate: .50 Euros per 1,000 views (around 56 cents in USD)
Pay Method: PayPal
For more information about writing for What Culture, go here.

Is a List Writing Job For You?

Does this sound too good to be true? To prove to you how easy it is to earn money writing lists, I JUST DID IT!

List writing is a simple, straightforward way to enter the freelance writing world. Demand for these list-based articles and posts is at an all-time high, and it can be quite lucrative if you make the cut. (Check out more ways to make money at home writing!)

With top list sites offering around $100 a pop, you can expect an extra $100-$500 per week as a side gig, assuming you can come up with great ideas for fresh content on your downtime. If you dedicate yourself to this endeavor full-time and manage to publish 3 articles a day, five days a week, you’ll bring home $1500.

Maintaining this level of success long-term means you have the potential to earn more than $80,000 a year. (TIP: If freelance writing from home is something you're interest in and not sure where to begin, check out Gina Horkey's super popular, 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success online course.)

With the possibility of this kind of earning, we think it's a worthwhile endeavor to consider. If you possess a flair for writing, give it a shot!

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