She Earned $80k as a New Writer on the Dreame Platform

From a Logistics Analyst to Making $80k as a Romance Writer?

How does that sound? Pretty good, right? It's a true story.

A successful professional logistics analyst with no fiction writing experience gave Dreame a try. Her stories are consistently top-ranking and have helped her earn more than $80,000 a month! And this, within a year of her sharing her stories on Dreame.

Have you ever been so engrossed in a romance novel that when it ends you're really sad. Like your best friend just moved away. Or is there a series of books that keeps you waiting with excitement each time a new installment is ready to come out?

Books and stories are a way for us to connect. It's also a way for us to escape from everyday life. Vices come in all forms — but a book or story can enrich our lives, or at least allow us to tap into our imaginations.

Dreame Offers Opportunities for Female Writers

Even if you're new to writing, having a place to showcase your work is a good start. And that's what Dreame offers. It's a huge community of writers sharing their stories with readers. And in turn, they can monetize their stories as well. Yep – I said MONETIZE. You can earn from your work. Whether it's a one time store or a series, the potential to earn from your own creativity is what Dreame offers for authors on the platform.

And bringing their work to readers easily makes monetizing every story easier. Dreame offers a reading app. Readers can use the app to tap into their favorite authors, countless stories or search for something new that they can delve into and enjoy. Think about how many people have smartphones and use them every day for reading news, stories, forums and email. Reading apps are becoming more and more popular.

Reading a juicy romance story on the subway to work could change that humdrum commute a whole lot better!

Freelance writing has been a way for authors to earn for years and years. But Dreame focuses on women. And I like that! And these female writers have all kinds of backgrounds. For instance, on the of Dreame's authors is a single mother, with two young kids. Though in the beginning her writing was more of a cathartic therapy for herself, it proved lucrative enough to get her out of her failed marriage, garner her an adoring audience and set her on a path of financial independence.

There are also fun writing contests held by Dreame. Prize money can be as much as $1500! For instance, their current promotion, The Multi-Professional Billionaire writing contest. Check it out!

A Real Source of Income?

Obviously, $80,000 a month is an amazing income. But can Dreame provide a stable income for those don't “hit it big” with their stories on the platform?

Lets look at the numbers. Dreame has paid out more than 6 million dollars within the past 18 months. Obviously, there ARE authors making money. There are also lucrative royalties offered to books that join the pay-to-read program.  And as I said before, you can track all your earnings through the Dreame Payment and Clearing system.

How to Write for Dreame

Just write. Submit your best work. If your story is good enough, it will become one of the stories in the “pay to read” section. Readers will need to pay to access the best content. This is where you earn a share of the income generated. Dreame does the marketing for you. After all, they only earn if you earn.

To get more readers, Dreame provides opportunities for promoting stories not only on Dreame app but also further marketed on the external channels with the cost covered by Dreame.
If writers prefer to receive a fixed monthly income, aside from the pay-to-read program, there’s a full-time writer project for them to join.

You'll be able to access reports regarding your earnings. These can include advance payments, daily-update payments or even “signed story payments”.

The company wants authors to succeed. Their business model depends on it. Therefore they let authors know what is trending and popular to help them tap into what is currently generating the most attention. This can help authors jump on a trend to better cash in on what's hot. Remember 50 Shades of Gray? Boy, did that start a trend.

Still on the fence? Take heart… anyone can be a Dreame writer, even if you are new to writing. Dreame has prepared free writing guides and training courses for writers to learn and practice with their writing skills.

Getting Started is Easy with Dreame

Until June 2020, more than 60,000 people have become Dreame writers. By taking this first step — you could be part of the next million that gets paid out.

Simply go to this link, and click on the button, “Be a Dreame Writer”. You'll also find helpful information and graphics explaining earnings and word counts.

If the romantic in you is yearning to tell a story – here's a chance to taking the first step.

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