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“Be an English test scorer. These positions are somewhat flexible and you can work from home.”

English Test Scorer Jobs

If you are a native English speaker with a related bachelor's degree, then a work at home English practice test scoring job can be a good fit for you. Creative English Solutions hires evaluators to work at home as an English test scorer. You can become an English practice test scorer for the practice tests of students or English language learners. And if you are familiar with the test formats of practice tests such as TOEFL, working with Creative English Solutions as a CES Evaluator is a great way to earn money from home.

What is Creative English Solutions?

Creative English Solutions, or CES for short, is an educational content and service provider. Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Creative English Solutions provides English proficiency test items and preparation materials such as test development, evaluation, lesson development, audio and video productions, and digital images for a range of subjects to its customers such as schools, publishers, and websites.

This company offers part-time, freelance opportunities with flexible schedule to work at home. CES hires evaluators, experienced test writers and voice actors/actresses to work at home. You can work as a CES Evaluator, CES Writer or CES Voice Actor, depending on your skills.

Work from Home as a CES Evaluator

Creative English Solutions provides evaluations of student responses to English language practice tests such as TOEFL. CES has developed a system for evaluating spoken and written responses from students for TOEFL and TOEIC practice tests. A CES evaluator can evaluate both spoken and written test responses or only written test responses from students, depending on the job.

As a CES Evaluator, you are free to accept or decline assignments based on your workload. There is no prescribed number of hours of work, but Creative English Solutions expects evaluators to have at least 10 hours per week of availability.

What are the Requirements?

If you are interested in work at home test scoring positions with Creative English Solutions, you must meet the following requirements:
• be a native English speaker
• hold a related bachelor's degree
• have a subject matter certification
• have access to a computer with a stable internet connection

What You Will Do?

You will evaluate written or/and spoken test responses, depending on the job. If you evaluate Scoring of a student's spoken and written test responses, then you will identify how well the student has performed against the scoring evaluation criteria.

You will grade the student on his or her grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, clarity, and more for the written portions of the specific tests based on a grading rubric given to you.

An evaluation can involve Scoring, Corrections, Feedback, or Sample Responses, depending on the client. So, if you provide corrections, then you will fix grammar, spelling and punctuation.

If you provide feedback, it involves synthesizing the issues in the student response into categories and commenting on what is happening and offering suggestions for improvement. If you provide a sample response, it is meant as a model response for the student to review.

You can also work as a CES Writer or CES Voice Actor/Actress.

CES Writers

CES hires experienced freelance writers to develop practice tests for two widely known ETS English language evaluation products: TOEFL and TOEIC. If you have familiarity with the TOEFL and TOEIC test formats, have the ability to write well researched and written test content, then you might be interested in working as a CES Writer.

CES Voice Actors

The company regularly produces audio recordings for ESL tests and dramas. CES hires for on-call voice actors/actresses. If you have experience and/or formal training, this could be an ideal part-time work at home job for you. If you are hired as a voice actor/actress, you will work with an audio engineer/director in CES recording studio. You will be provided with the scripts at the time of the recording. The majority of scripts involve the voice actors/actresses recording their voices as students, professors, or office workers in social, casual, business, and classroom settings.

Final Words on Being an English Test Scorer for CES

A work at home test scoring job is an excellent way to make money. If you have the qualifications, you can make money from home as an English test scorer for Creative English Solutions. You can see their current job openings, here. See my post, Online Test Scoring Jobs That are Work From Home for a list of more jobs and companies like this.

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  1. Jaime Bersola says:

    Hi there!
    Is there an opportunity for a crossword puzzle maker like me to be hired while wotking at home? I have made an entirely different version of this word game consisting of 13 x 13 square grids, and with clues that include modern technological and internet terminologies.
    My intention is to provide an added feature on a newspaper or magazine entertainment page, or an educational book publisher who can have my works compiled and publish them.
    I have done almost 400 crossword puzzles and am gladly willing to send samples of my work if needed.
    Thank you!

  2. Kelly Land says:

    Be sure to apply at the actual site. I don’t do any hiring for any companies here on my blog. I just share the info.

  3. Caroline Bosley says:

    Good day,

    I have a BA in Geography and French and many years of experience in the workforce. I am an effective communicator and believe that I would be an asset to your company. I am only looking for part time work. I have read over the descriptions of the positions available and believe that I would be most suited to the Test Scorer Position. Thank you for your consideration.


  4. Hello! I am very interested in English Test Scores position. I have a Bachelor’s in English. This is exciting! I wished this position and others like these were more plentiful. However, I don’t want to miss this opportunity. I would love to get more information, if available!

    Thank you!

  5. M. Elizabeth Newman says:

    This sounds like an excellent job for me who is working part-time as a tutor/teacher with students who are Middle School and High school age!
    I taught mainly English,but also History for many years and I loved it!

  6. Barbara LeGrange says:

    I am very much interested in becoming an English Test Scorer. I have a valid California Teaching Credential with an English add on. I hold a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction and a Master’s degree in Educational Counsrlkng. I also hold a certification in teaching ESL students. I am retired after spending many years in Kindergarten-Third Grade. After retiring I moved to Texas and am now substituting in the Lovejoy Independent School District.
    Your consideration of me for employment will certainly be to your advantage.

    Thank you, Barbara LeGrange

  7. Linda Glenn says:

    I am interested in the English Test Scorer position. I have 3 of the qualifications, but am unsure of what ‘subject matter certification’ is. But I have a BA in English so I’m certain I am qualified. I would love to get more information and apply.

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