Working Solutions Hiring Now – 100% Remote

If one of your goals this year is to 100% work from home, then you'll want to be sure to peruse the latest remote jobs offered by Working Solutions. I've mentioned them before over the years on my blog, and have and do feel they are still an excellent choice for remote work. And they are in the midst of a big hiring push — so, now is the time!

Working Solutions Salary

I'm going to cut to the chase in this post, because most of you want to know how much money you can make working for Working Solutions. It's a legitimate question. You'll be pleased to know, that Working Solutions salary can range up to $19 an hour. Plus there are bonuses and incentives.

Because Working Solutions partners with many clients, there is variety in positions offered. And pay, hours and type of work will be based on which client(s) you're working for. This year, they will be recruiting for clients in the following sectors: education, hospitality, fitness, arts and crafts, real estate, health and insurance, senior living, nursing credentialing, and youth sports.

Lots to choose from!

And if you needed more validation on Working Solutions opportunities or reputation, FlexJobs has just come out with their list of Top 100 Companies for Remote Jobs and Working Solutions is No. 4!

Your Work Schedule

Do you feel locked in by your current job? Do you wish you could pick your work hours and have more flexibility and work/life balance? Not only does Working Solutions offer work at home, but they also give you control over your work schedule.

Each Working Solutions program has different time commitments, which can vary between 15 to 40+ hours a week. Again, pay rates will vary and some are paid by the minute worked.

Working as an Independent Contractor

Though you won't be a W2 employee with traditional benefits — you can see with the pay rate, the ability to work at home and the convenience of creating your own schedule there are still great perks. Independent Contractors need to still pay taxes. So consult your accountant, and be sure to set aside a portion of your pay for that.

Application Process

Working Solutions has made the application process as convenient as possible for those wanting to apply. But keep in mind, Working Solutions does not hire in California, New York, Pennsylvania, or Washington at this time.

1. You'll start by filling out a short application form online for the position you're interested in.

2. After you submit your application, you'll be prompted to take an online assessment. All candidates are required to take these assessments. They average about 30 minutes.

3. Qualified candidates will receive an email invitation to Working Solutions' portal to view current open contracts and to complete a background check and a technology scan.

*Regarding the technology scan, you can view those requirements here.

4. Selected candidates will go through virtual preparation to learn about a client's business and customer before beginning work. TRAINING IS COMPLETELY FREE. There will be no cost to you. You'll be given a monetary stipend for your prep time.

Final Thoughts

I'm not a panic monger. I never have been. But I know as we head into this year, many of you don't want to work from home just for the convenience of it. We feel safer at home. The chances of catching a virus right now by working outside the home are, shall I say… “pretty good”. You just have to watch the news, talk to a neighbor or a co-worker and you know the numbers are off the charts.

Working Solutions is real option for working from your home. I encourage you to check out the job opportunities they are offering right now and find one appeals to you and start the application process. You could be landing a job and working at home in no time! Good luck!


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