Earn an Income as a Remote Fashion Stylist

Remote Fashion Stylist

Cash in or Make a Career with Your Fashion Sense

There are tons of ways to make extra money at home. But what if you could work from home and make money while helping others look and feel their best? Do you have an interest in fashion and want to work from home? Then you could be a remote fashion stylist to make extra cash from home. Remote styling jobs are a perfect fit for students and stay-at-home moms. The job as a remote fashion stylist is a great solution for those who really need extra cash.

Read on to see if working as a remote or online fashion stylist is a perfect fit for you to earn money on the side from the comfort of your home.

What Does a Remote Fashion Stylist Do?

If you love fashion, working with apparel or clothing and jewelry styling companies can be a fun and flexible way to make money from home online. These styling companies send curated subscriptions or styled boxes to their customers.

As a remote fashion stylist, you will inspire clients to try new fashion trends. Using your creativity, you will help others hone their best fit and style

Virtual fashion stylists will help people dress up, but instead of working in fashion retail they will work one on one with customers from the comfort of their home. You'll help customers look and feel their best.

You will offer styling tips to clients, based on the clients' individual needs. Remote fashion stylists can work from home or really anywhere where they have access to a PC and the internet.

What skills and experience do I need?

Remote fashion styling jobs are a perfect fit for you if you love fashion and want to bring that love of fashion to others. But an interest in fashion is not enough to land a virtual stylist job.

If you have two or more years of experience in the fashion industry, e.g. fashion merchandising and/or design, and specific stylist experience such as personal styling, you will have more options for snagging a remote fashion stylist job.

You must be computer-savvy and have access to a reliable PC and strong internet connection. You have got to have great written/oral communication skills to communicate with clothes wearers, i.e. your customers.

Do you have formal fashion education and/or experience, love to work with people and are an excellent communicator — then you could do well as a remote fashion stylist.

Where to Look for Remote Styling Jobs

If you have an interest in fashion and have experience and excellent communication skills, you may be able to snag a remote styling job. Apparel styling companies, styling services, and more companies hire for their remote styling jobs. Here are some of the best companies that offer remote fashion styling jobs.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a reputable online styling company or service that hires at-home fashion stylists all over the country. You will help men or women, depending on the remote styling job, look and feel their best. You will help clients find their personal style. As a Stitch Fix remote stylist, you will pick out the clothes for Stitch Fix clients, based on their taste, budget and lifestyle.

Their remote stylists usually work part time and need to be able to work between 15 and 30 hours per week.
** See my review of StitchFix here.


Rocksbox is a jewelry rental subscription that seeks part-time remote stylists to help curate their jewelry subscription box to their customers. Their remote stylists deal with designer jewelry rather than clothing and send jewelry matches to each client.

They will perfect their clients' look with the right accessories. Other companies like Rocksbox include Your Bijoux Box, Emma & Chloe, and Hang Squad. The company pays a starting rate of $12 per hour.


Dia&Co is a styling service for plus-size women. It offers part-time remote styling opportunity, but stylists must be able to complete mandatory training(s) in the office and available to work between 10 and 25 hours a week. You should have two or more years of experience in retail, styling or customer service to work for this company.

As a remote stylist, you will put together curated fashion boxes to Dia&Co'a clients, based on the clients' self-reported taste, shopping budgets and style preferences.

Fashion job boards, traditional job boards and online fashion sites

You might be able to find jobs of interest as a remote fashion stylist on top fashion job boards, such as StyleCareers, Fashion Jobs and Operator. You can also look for online fashion stylist or remote fashion stylist jobs on traditional job boards and online fashion sites.

Pay Rates and Benefits

The pay rate varies, depending on who you sign up with to work as a remote or virtual fashion stylist, but generally, these jobs pay between $11 and $15 per hour while others pay per hour. You also get a discount on clothing and other fashion accessories with some companies.

Online stylist jobs help develop your own sense of style as well as your sense of other people's styles. You'll get to work from home and choose your own hours. You can work part-time from home, set your own schedule and work when and where you feel best.

You will communicate with clients via phone, email and Skype.

Final Thoughts on Working at Home as a Fashion Stylist

You will love working as a remote fashion stylist if you are passionate about fashion and style and you want to help others look and feel their best. Working as a remote fashion stylist gives you the perfect blend of fashion and flexibility.

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