Work at Home Jobs That Pay $10 an Hour or More

$10 an Hour Work at Home Jobs

When You Need Work at Home That Pays at Least $10 and Hour

Typically, most folks I talk to are searching for work at home jobs that pay at least $10 and hour. Sure, working at home has it perks — like no commuting costs and in many cases, no daycare costs. And though these types of things can certainly curb expenses, you still need and want to make a decent living. My youngest just got her very first part-time job. She's only 16 and in high school. They started her off at $8 an hour and she gets tips as well. She's averaging $15 an hour and she has no other costs but gas in her car! WHAT?? Hey — shouldn't those of us wanting to work at home make a decent wage too? Yes.

So I wanted to create a list to help you at least find a starting place or base, if you're needing at least $10 an hour. Because I've been blogging about working at home since 1999 — I have a decent list here. I've mainly compiled it from just looking over everything I've already written about or researched. That doesn't mean I won't be adding to it. On the contrary — as with most pages on my site, I am always trying to add as many resources as possible for you.

Non Phone or Phone Jobs?

There is a variety of work at home companies below. Many offering phone/customer support jobs. And though I know “phone jobs” can make many cringe, as someone that has done and does do this type of work — I promise, it's not awful. I am at home, I have my desk…. my cup of coffee, my headset — and it's actually pretty nice. BUT — there are non-phone work at home jobs listed below as well.

Non USA Based Residents Looking for Work at Home

For my international friends — I realize that the majority of these jobs are for USA based residents, but remember to take a look at the international work at home job resources I have listed. As well, trust me — there is money to be made freelancing. I personally pad my income with freelance writing gigs when I know we have a big expense coming up or I am trying to save for a vacation (… I feel a strong need to be by the ocean at least once a year!)

Along the Lines of Freelancing, kinda…

Sometimes, you just want to make some cash online. You're on facebook while the kids are napping or your spouse is away on business and you're killin' time. Maybe you're sitting on the couch watching a movie (highly recommend Manchester by the Sea — such a good movie!) and you've got your laptop or iPad… you can make a few bucks AS YOU CHILL. I personally, make a *very* nice monthly cha-ching from Mintvine, but there are many survey sites that actually pay. There are also sites that pay you to review songs (or watch TV!) run small errands or do small online tasks.

Again — those are ideas for you to make a little cash online. Those aren't work at home “paycheck” jobs. Those you will find below. Happy hunting! And remember, I send out free job leads every day of the week! You can receive them right in your inbox too, sign up for my updates!

Your List of Work at Home Jobs Paying at Least $10 an Hour

– I'm starting with Appen because I have worked for them and they are International. They are legit and I was paid $10 an hour. I did search engine evaluation for them and it was part-time. I averaged 20 hours a week (in some cases they would let us work more). I was with them for a year, as typically the jobs are temporary. They also hire social media evaluators.

– This online giant hires in the United States and from what I can tell they are growing and growing. (They are offering Amazon Flex positions as well, which are delivery type jobs. They pay $10 an hour and mainly hire seasonal help for customer support — but many get hired on full time. They also can offer some nice bonuses too.

Direct Interactions
– USA residents only for now. You gotta be 18 and at least have a GED. They offer paid training, which is nice. This is a customer support position (I was lucky enough to snag a NON PHONE assignment Direct Interactions with them and I really enjoyed it.) — and they have several different clients, so depending on which client you're with will decide what you're actually doing. Most positions are part-time. But their pay range falls between $10 and $12 an hour.

Neiman Marcus
– This position if for TEXAS residents. Namely Dallas/Fort Worth/Irving areas. Most of us have heard of this retailer, and their remote positions are customer support. If you're lucky enough to live in this area and can snag a position, you're looking at the potential for a nice paycheck. They pay anywhere from $11 to $16 an hour. I keep checking their hiring page for other cities in the US — but so far it seems Texas is it.

ZeroChaos (Now – WorkForce LogIQ)
– I worked for ZeroChaos (kinda). Well — they handled all of Uber's original USA-based customer support rep hiring. And I was hired by them to work for Uber. They have different clients and they are actually the “human resource department” or employment agency for those clients. So yes, you get your check through them etc… but you'll do work for someone else. Much like Kelly Services or Manpower. Pay will vary per client, but many pay $10 or more an hour.

Worldwide 101
– North America and Europe. Now, these are customer support jobs, kinda. You're actually a virtual assistant. The application process takes about 14 days.The work is part-time, averaging 25 hours a week. The pay, pretty amazing: “$18 and $20/hour depending on skills, experience, and seniority”.

Hilton Worldwide
– They don't hire in every state in the USA, but several. Most positions are full time and pay can range from $11 to $14 an hour with performance incentives. This is, of course – a customer support type position in most cases.

– They have several clients, so you could work as support for say, “As Seen on TV” or maybe for a streaming music company or even a company like GrubHub that offers food delivery services. Most positions are over $10 an hour with some offering incentives to make it over $15 to $25 an hour. Flexible schedules too.

– Company is growing by leaps and bounds. I've spoken to at least 4 people that do this type of work from home. They absolutely love it. One woman told me that she was actually very shy and somewhat concerned about “teaching”. But they provided the materials to her and her “classes” were one on one. She said she's made lifelong friends and an income and continues to enjoy it. And the mother of one of my son's friends, who's now retired is teaching through VIPKid and had never taught anything in her life. You do need at least a Bachelor's degree (but doesn't have to be a teaching degree). Two 20-25 minute classes and you're at about $15 and hour or more.
– These are tech support positions and every time I go to their site, there seems to be openings. They are full-time jobs and pay $11 an hour (*$10.50 per hour plus $.50 cent per hour for reimbursement) with bilingual shift differential.

– Similar to Appen, they do search evaluation. I've worked for them as well too (but only 3 months). The pay is anywhere from $13 to $14 an hour. There is an exam and certain quality standards to maintain in order to stay on. They hire in several countries too.

– They hire in Canada and the USA. Most positions I looked at our full-time and require at least a GED. Looking at Glassdoor reviews, the average pay for customer support reps is about $14 an hour.

Red Butler
– A newer company that offers virtual assistant jobs. They offer flex schedules and the pay is $12-$15 an hour. You'll be helping clients with all types of administrative tasks and even travel plans/arrangements.

– Offers a huge variety of work at home positions – these can range from jobs for nurses to insurance customer support. Humana is a huge employer that has trained staff just for working with their virtual employees. Worth checking into.

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