Get Paid to Lose Weight – Here’s a List of Ways You Can

Get Paid to Lose Weight
Need to lose some weight? Maybe some monetary motivation might help?! Get paid to lose weight, here's how.”

Weight Loss for Cash and Rewards is REALLY a Thing

So — I don't know about you, but I personally tackle weight loss a few times a year. Maybe it's too much Halloween candy or it's too cold outside for me to go on my walks, so like a slug, I hunker down for a month and eat cake. I find myself a few times a year looking up recipes and tips to help ease the pain of taking off the 10 or so pounds that so easily found its way to my hips and tummy.

Today while doing just such a search, I came across some real incentive… get paid to lose weight? Hey now — it JUST got interesting. So, with that, I spent the day literally researching ways for people like you and me, to get paid to lose weight. Below you'll find the list I've comprised and I will certainly add to it if I find anything else out there.

List of Ways to Get Paid to Lose Weight

1. Dietbet

– This is pretty self-explanatory, but let me break it down. You can join someone else's challenge or create your own. You and your fellow challengers are gonna throw money in a “virtual pot”. Basically, you're betting against another person or a group of people that you will lose the most weight in a 4 week time period. Those that have lost 4% of their body weight will split the pot.

I know, you're asking, “What prevents someone from cheating?”. Well — there is a “weigh in” process that you must follow. Two days before you start your “game” or challenge you will be prompted to submit your official starting weight. The image below is from the official Dietbet website and will give you a better understanding of how the weight loss is tracked and what you'll need to do.

Get Paid to Lose Weight

Once your weigh in process is approved, you'll get the green light to move forward with weight loss competition. You can update your weight as much as you like.

When the official stop date has come, you'll have 48 hours to do your final weigh in. The winner submits verification photos. And the winner receives the cash in the pot (less Dietbet's fee) within 24 hours of the final weight submission.

They've got some pretty compelling statistics on their site. The percentage of people that participate that lose weight is phenomenal. That means that it's a great motivator. The chart below is from the Dietbet website.

weight loss chart

I love this idea, especially if you're challenging people you know well like family and friends. I suppose doing it with strangers can be fun too — but I'd be a little shy about submitting pics to people I don't know. That's just me though.

2. Healthywage

Just like Dietbet, this is a similar concept. Corporations and companies can even get in on the action and set up competitions. I did a little test run with this one and went through the sign-up process. It was super easy. I had to put how many pounds I wanted to lose and within how many months. As well, I needed to input my gender, height and weight. And lastly, you put your waist size.

After you've entered all of this, they calculate your prize. (You'll need to enter your email address and a password here for the prize calculation.) Now — this is the cool part. With the info I put in, I'd gain a 37.86% return on my investment if I met my goal! I don't have to compete with anyone. This is just a personal motivator if I chose to accept the challenge. You can make installment payments on your bet or pay all at once. Their payout is 100% guaranteed.

For me — this was the one that was most appealing. I ended up actually accepting my challenge. I signed up for a 6 month period and I'm making monthly $50 payments. Now, you might say, “Whoa… fifty bucks? That's way too much!” For me, and my train of thought — I figured I would spend that $50 a month on dumb stuff like $5 Starbucks coffees and $2.50 cookies at the bakery in my town (they are delicious and HUGE!). If I did that just those two things alone each week, that's $30 right there in one month.

The other incentive for me, is that I haven't bought myself a new bathing suit in over 15 years. Yeah… 15 years. I buy something I love and I wear it forever. I love the swimsuits at Title Nine, but they are pricey. I'm looking at around $140 for a new swimsuit and I will probably wear it another 15 years. I have a beach trip planned with my daughter later in the year — so I'd love to have the money to get a new Title Nine swimsuit. (I usually get a tankini with swim shorts or paddle shorts.)

You Will Need to Make a Video (but it's painless!)

I did need to make a video. Using their phone app I needed to record a zero on my scale, then my weight when I stepped on and then a full body shot and side to side. It didn't take but like a minute and other than whoever is verifying my video at Healthywage, no one is going to see it.

The site was super slow for me to load, I don't know if this is an ongoing issue or just the fact that everyone and their grandma is in the site right now setting up their weight loss goals. Because (at the time of writing this post), it's the first few days of a new year — I'm thinking the site is just seeing mega traffic and that's why it's slow. So if you're interested in signing up — just keep in mind that it loads… it's just slooooow right now.

They do have a referral program where the referral and the new signup both earn $40. Their site states: “Get $40, Give $40! When a friend signs up for a Healthywager challenge, you get $40 and they get $40! It's win-win!” So I'll include my HealthyWage referral link here, in case you want to share the love.

All and all I'm pretty excited about this and feel like it's motivating. I had my daughter help me make my verification video which took a whole 2 minutes tops. I threw on some gym shorts and t-shirt, filmed it and uploaded it all in less than a few minutes.

3. stickK

A new-ish kid on the block to help you lose weight. Though this app is designed to help you commit and tackle any goal — it's perfect for weight loss and healthy habits too. Somewhat similar to Healthywage, you'll be prompted to sign “Commitment Contracts”. These cost money IF you decide to not commit to your goal. You will know exactly what the amount of money is of course – you determine this. So there will be no surprises there. And better yet, if you do commit and follow through…you get the money. Or, you can let that goal money go to a person of your choosing or even a charity of your choosing.

stickK Weight Loss App

All your progress will be tracked and verified. And you can actually let your friends, family or coworkers watch your progress. This is something else that those working toward goals find encouraging — so take advantage of letting people cheer you on!

stickK is avaiable on both iPhone and Android.

Is stickK Enough to Make You STICK to It?

What I don't like about stickK is that you're basically getting back the same amount of money you put up if you reach your goal. That's great and all — but it would be cool to make it more worth doing. Say you put up $50 bucks and decide to not follow through — then you're out $50 bucks. Or — you persevere and lose 100 pounds… you get $50 bucks. That doesn't seem very exciting or detrimental.  But hey, it might be enough for some to stay on track.

You Can Earn Rewards Too for Weight Loss

The two other sites I'd like to mention don't actually pay you cash and it's not a wager type incentive — but, they both promote healthier lifestyles, so we all love that, right?

Walgreens Balance Rewards
– Walgreens, a very popular drugstore offers a program that rewards healthy choices. You earn points for keeping yourself well. You can track walking, running, cycling, blood pressure, blood sugar and even weight management.

Here's a screenshot of more details from the Walgreens website that explains it better:

Walgreens Balance Rewards for weight loss

Of course, you'll need a account and Balance Rewards membership to participate in the program. You can set goals with their app as well. They are also extra perks for AARP members, like earning 50 points for every dollar spent on Walgreens brand health and wellness products. Oh, and coupons too!

But you're probably thinking, ok… so what do I get for all these amazing “healthy choice” points I've worked hard for? Check out the chart below from the Walgreens website:

So, I guess it is actually cash rewards – it's just you have to earn the points in order to get the cash. But all and all, it seems like a really easy to use and worthwhile program. If you're already a Walgreens shopper, even better!

– Higi has “stations” all over the United States. By “stations”, I mean drugstores like Riteaid, Wegmans and Fred's. I believe they are even in Publix grocery stores in some areas. These stations are basically a little sit down machine that can take your blood pressure, your pulse and figure your BMI. You can connect a mobile device to your HIGI account and track your progress and activities. Higi offers challenges to keep you motivated. You can even connect with others and share your story and help encourage others.

You might have seen one of these stations already — below is a picture and more details from the Higi website that you can check out.

higi healthy goals station

So why bother? Along with the challenges that Higi offers, you can also have the opportunity to win prizes. (Though I couldn't find any specifics on a prize list or what prizes might be available — so I'm not sure if this includes any kind of cash prize or gift certificate at this time.)

– This is one I do myself. I earn cash literally for just having this app on my phone and synced with my Apple Health app. It is able to track all my steps and I earn points for those step totals. I've already earned $10 for doing something I am already doing anyway. (You can earn $10 bucks for every 10,000 POINTS.) Easy, simple. It's free and available for both iphones and android phones. If you have a FitBit or Apple Watch….this is a NO brainer way to just earn cash passively!

Final Thoughts on Getting Paid to Lose Weight…

It's funny… when I started this post, I had NO intentions of signing up for anything. I was just doing it to see what was out there and share the info. I am always looking for ways to be healthier and drop a few pounds or keep weight off — so I was interested for sure — but I surprised myself by not only popping into my local Walgreens and checking them out (because I usually go to CVS) and eventually signing up for their rewards program — BUT, I also signed up to Healthywage and committed to $50 a month to lose some holiday weight I'd packed on!

There might be other programs and apps out there — and I will certainly add them as I learn about them and research them. I few I ran across were no longer in business or their websites were down. They seemed like good ideas from what I could tell — but apparently didn't last.

All and all though — this kind of a fun thing to check out and if you're interested in weight loss and haven't found that motivation “trick” or thing that works for you — maybe one of these ideas might resonate with you. No matter what, here's to healthier goals in general!

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