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Ever considered creating an ASMR Youtube channel? Or perhaps, maybe you've never even heard of ASMR?

Known for the acronym currently taking the YouTube world by storm, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, refers to the tingling sensation some listeners experience inside their head and spine upon hearing certain pleasing sounds.

In the early 2010s, YouTubers began posting ASMR videos. Many have managed to garner so many followers that they have acquired sponsorship and made full-time careers out of making pleasurable noises. (Maybe you're thinking… this is weird. But trust me, there are many amazingly wonderful, weird and unusual ways to make money from home.)

All this hype has really blown up in recent years, likely due to W Magazine’s efforts. They posted an entire ASMR series, enlisting various A-list celebrities to experiment with the phenomenon. This sparked many other celebrities to jump on the ASMR bandwagon. Today you can find the likes of Kate Hudson, Cardi B, Margot Robbie, Aubrey Plaza, and many more performing their takes on ASMR.

“ASMR” has been trending so hard that it’s now one of the most searched terms in YouTube’s database, even more popular than “cake.”

So, why not capitalize on the public’s collective fascination with ASMR by posting some audio-focused videos and see where it takes you?

If the idea of embarking on an ASMR career on YouTube sounds intriguing, it’s very likely you have lots of questions.

Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got answers.

Let’s roll.

Which Sounds Qualify as ASMR?

ASMR triggers are slightly different for everyone. Some prefer smooth sounds like swishy silk or ocean waves, while others prefer sharper sounds like tapping, popping, clicking, or punching. There are those who like rough sounds like scraping or crunching sandpaper, gravel, or dry cereal. Some even crave the wet, slimy sounds of chewing and mouth movements such as sucking a lollipop, sliding a lozenge around in your mouth, or crunching and slurping pickle.

It’s good to experiment with a variety of sounds to cater to a wide range of auditory preferences in your videos. As you begin to experiment, you can offer different types of sounds in labeled collections so your followers know which ones they’re most likely to enjoy.

What Kinds of Videos are Available Today?

If you find yourself to be triggered or affected by ASMR, there are hours upon hours of ASMR videos of every kind, ranging in style and tone from sexy or silly to scary or even emotional. You can find fairy tales, erotic fantasies, bedtime stories, or simply people eating, mixing slime, or rubbing, taping, and manipulating different materials to make noises.

These audio-focused videos also offer a wide range in both length-from 5 minutes to 5 hours- as they do in purpose- to reduce feelings of panic or anxiety and panic, increase sensations of pleasure, or put you to sleep.

How Much Money Can You Make?

As with most money making schemes, it varies pretty wildly. GentleWhispering, the top ASMR channel on YouTube, earns an estimated $130,000 per year.

However, the average channel tends to make more like $2,000 a month. Still, $24,000 a year is nothing to sneeze at for a part-time gig.

Is YouTube the Only Way to Make Money with ASMR?

No. In fact, most ASMR posters have another site or platform they use to make money in addition to YouTube.

Check out membership-based platforms out there like Patreon, which offers subscriptions to content from its creators. Creators acquire subscriptions by attracting followers on sites like YouTube and then inviting them to subscribe.

When they hear one of their favorite vloggers is offering a paid subscription that provides exclusive experiences and allows fans to build real relationships with the creators, they will pay to get closer to you.

When you get big, you can also organize Meet and Greets with fans and charge admission for other exclusive events and appearances.

What are the Startup Costs for an ASMR Youtube Channel?

Unfortunately, due to the specialized audio equipment needed to achieve quality sound, ASMR is one of the pricier ways to make money from home. Some of the top-tier microphones on the market require additional recording equipment and adaptors so you can plug them into your computer.

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to achieve ASMR quality sound, you’ll want an all-inclusive microphone that plugs into your computer’s USB like the Yeti Microphone retailing for $100+ or the Zoom 4HN that features a memory card and allows you to record directly into it for $200+.

We suggest starting here. You can always upgrade to more specialized mic, like Binaural Microphone (with the two ears on it!) after your venture has proven fruitful.

How Do You Find Inspiration for Unique ASMR Sounds and Ideas?

Of course, you can search YouTube for new sounds and ideas, but you’ll want to think about how to make your videos fresh and distinctive.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to offer original sounds. According to many top-rated ASMR vloggers, look no further than your daily life, but keep your ears open. Most ASMR creators feel the tingle themselves, so the trick is to take notice when you feel the sensation and then recreate it for your followers.

You can even keep a notebook or download a notepad app like memo so you can remember what gave you those ear-pleasing shivers.

When you go to the salon or barber shop, do you feel it in your brain when you hear the scrape of a razor shaving, the paint and foil process of dying hair, the buzzing of electric razors, clipping of nails, or the clean sweeping snips of scissors? There’s your inspiration.

Maybe you went hiking on a rugged outdoor trail and got the feels from nature sounds such as the rustling leaves in the trees, crunch and crackle of your feet on the twigs and gravel, or the trickling or bubbling sounds from a nearby stream. Figure out how you can record or recreate those sounds for your listeners.

Don’t Forget to Find Your Hook

It is important to come up with something that sets your videos apart from the vast sea of ASMR on YouTube. What will stand out and make people want to watch your videos?

Will you embody an intriguing character on your ASMR Youtube channel? Will you always dress up as a different character? Will you focus on mental health and ways to calm your mind? Will you provide interesting visuals? Will you share details from your personal life? Will you weave intricate tales to compliment your sounds?

Whatever you choose, remember that authenticity is key, and viewers will spot it from a mile away if you’re not being true to yourself. Embrace who you are and be genuine.

ASMR Youtube Channel Not for You?

And even if this doesn't appeal to you, or you feel to shy for this type of work — there are so many more ways to work at home, so don't stress!

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