List of Must Have Apps to Save and Earn Money

List of Must Have Apps
“Must have apps that are not only free, but will also help you save money, earn cash back or even lower your debt!”

Smartphone Apps That Earn or Save You Cash

Smartphones are used for so much more than making calls these days. Actually, does anyone even use their cellphone for calling anymore? There are so many wonderful apps for phones too – but I want to focus on the ones that we can use to make money or save money.

The list below is current, and these are apps I use myself to earn or save. If you have a smartphone you'll want to bookmark this page – because I update it often. Please share with friends and family as well – because earning a little extra cash has never been easier and they will appreciate you letting them know how to earn too.

List of Must Have Apps

smartphone app cash

– Save money incrementally, but even better… painlessly.
– This app not only can help you cut monthly expenses and save money – but it offers help with tackling your debt too!
– This amazing little app can help you save hundreds on prescriptions. (There is a wallet card too for those that don't want to use the app).
(Details and Review) – For iOS and Android users. A free app that allows you to earn redeemable points with purchases you make. Points can be cashed in for gift cards.
– Digit is actually an app that painlessly saves you money month after month. I've been using it and absolutely love it.
– Android users only (for now). Earn cash doing what you do all day, opening your lock screen.
-Earn cash and rewards for doing mystery shops like eating and snapping pics with your smart phone.
-An amazing little app that finds the cheapest prices on over 65,000 grocery store items. Lets you know about coupons, cashback and more.
-Sign up for free. Do small tasks and microjobs – for instance, using your smartphone to take a picture at a promotional display at a store.
Erli Bird
– Get paid to beta test new apps and games.
– Earn cash testing apps (mainly android) and testing websites.
Fronto App
– New app allows you to make money just swiping the unlock screen on your phone.
– Allows you to save/make money off everyday items like milk and apples. Easy to use and free.
– Make money answering questions on your iPhone. Questions pay $2 and up. Some pay $20. Payment is made via PayPal.
– A simply amazing app that allows you to save and earn in so many ways. Movies, groceries, pet stores and more. They continue to grow by leaps and bounds adding more and more ways to earn. You can cash out right from your phone into your PayPal account instantly.
– You make money off your own photos.
App Redeem
– Earn points and cash them in.
– You earn by answering questions.
– You help companies with retail issues such as out-of-stock or missing tags but checking out their displays and reporting what you find.
– Similar to GigWalk above. You're paid to check out store displays and merchandise for companies.
– Get Paid to participate in surveys right on your phone.

Websites That Earn Cashback or Save Money

– Cool site to help you save money and earn cash back.
-If you shop online, this is totally worth signing up. I save all the time at JCPenney, Khols, Best Buy. It really adds up.

Using a cool smartphone app and earning cash? Keep reading…

If you're making some extra cash using a phone app, please let me and other visitors know using the comments section below. I'd really like to make this the best resource possible for those wanting to put their smartphones to work and earn a little money. I appreciate your help.


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  1. Tammy Wenzel says:

    I just heard of a phone app called coin pop. It lets you play games and earn money. Please let us know if it is legit or a scam. Thanks

  2. @Laura
    Very cool!! I will check it out and hopefully do a review soon :-) Thanks for sharing the info on earning some extra cash from home. (And it’s *very* cool that you’re a Walking Dead fan!! OMG — LOVE that show!)

  3. I use MiMobile and also Smartphonemate. With MiMobile (aka Median Insiders Panel) you let the app run for 20 days a month on your phone and you earn Tango rewards ( where you can cash those in for a variety of gift cards (Home Depot, Starbucks, Amazon, and more!). I earn $5 a month with MiMobile and cash them in for Amazon gift card codes which I then put in my Amazon account to buy whatever I want. During the current season of The Walking Dead I used my Amazon credit codes to buy the new episodes each week and watch them (I cut the cable cord in September 2013). Smartphonemate is similar to MiMobile, but you have to “check in” on the app twice a day. it takes a matter of seconds and you can do the two check ins back to back. I earn $3 a month in Amazon credit only which I also use to pay for my Walking Dead episodes, among other movies, or things I cannot live without on Amazon.

    While $8 a month extra isn’t a lot, it does give me my favorite tv shows without spending any of my own money and who doesn’t love that?!

  4. Check out the phone app Shopkicks you can earn points walking into retailers, scanning products and looking at look books. You can redeem your points for Gift cards.

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