FOAP Review – Sell Images From Your Smartphone

Foap Review
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“Take cool images or fun family pics using your smartphone? You can sell them for cash right from your phone! Full Foap review.”

Using FOAP to Sell Images

When I first got a smartphone, I’ll admit, I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure that I was going to like having a phone that could do so many things and meant that I was never going to be unconnected. While I’m still not convinced that having constant access to my email and social networking sites is always a good thing, I do love using my smartphone for taking pictures. So when I heard that there was a website, FOAP, that would help me turn my smartphone photos into income, I hurried to check it out.

The way FOAP works is actually really simple. Each time a photo gets uploaded to the site, the management team reviews the image. If it meets their standards of quality, they’ll post it on the site, making it possible for someone to purchase the image. FOAP sells the images for $10. They keep half and the other half goes to you.

You Are Selling Your Photos

Before you start uploading every photo you currently have stored in your smartphone, you need to understand that you’re selling these images. Putting them on FOAP means anyone who purchases the photo will be able to use the image. If you’ve uploaded your photo to as a commercial image, businesses will be able to use it as part of their promotional material. Photos that get labeled as editorial might show up on blogs and online newsletters.

Pay Attention to What Sells

You can increase your chances of earning money via FOAP by taking some time to study the images customers seem to be the most interested in. Knowing what’s selling means you’re going to be able to take similar images, which increases your earning potential. Once you’ve uploaded the image to the FOAP site, take care with your labels so that prospective buyers will have an easy time finding it.

Remember that in addition to taking a photo of an object or moment that you think will appeal to the people who purchase images from FOAP, you also need to make sure the image is very good quality.


So far I’ve sold 4 photos through FOAP and have been very happy with the process, and I think you will be too. While it’s possible for you to earn some extra money using FOAP, you need to remember that it’s only a means of supplementing your income and you have no way of knowing if an image will sell or not so be wise about how much time you spend trying to track down a perfect shot. You can download Foap here.