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Time Etc Jobs You Work as Few as 5 Hours a Week

When you’re earning a living working from your home office, you can’t afford to not explore any and all opportunities you learn of. TimeEtc is a company that has been actively seeking individuals who would like to add another egg to their work at home basket.

About TimeEtc

TimeEtc has been around for about seven years and has become quite well known in the work at home circles. It works with a large number of freelance contractors who the company calls home-based virtual assistance. According to the company, it handles more than 20,000 different tasks monthly for a large client roster. Most of TimeEtc’s clients are based in either the United Kingdom or the United States.

TimeEtc Jobs and Tasks You'd be Doing

When you get brought on as one of TimeEtc’s virtual assistants, you’ll be handling tasks that their clients, primarily business people, don’t have time to do on their own. Tasks that TimeEtc’s virtual assistants handle include;
• Blogging
• Updating social media statuses
• Creating content for business websites
• Administration work
• Placing phone calls
• Handling scheduling issues
• Confirming travel plans
• Filling out forms and making sure they’re submitted to the right places
• Managing expenses.

How Much Does Time Etc Pay?

The exact amount of money you earn while working as a TimeEtc freelance virtual assistant depends on your level of experience. The company pays anywhere from $11-16 per hour. Payments are made via PayPal.

TimeEtc wants their freelance virtual assistants to commit to working for the company for at least one full year. That being said, the actual number of hours they require isn’t bad. You can work as little as 5 hours a week. The company is very flexible.

The Downside

The one thing I really don’t like about TimeEtc is that they only pay their freelance virtual assistants once a month. This can make it difficult to make ends meet, especially if your work at home is still in its early stages.

Will You Be Hired?

TimeEtc does have some pretty strict requirements regarding the freelance contractors they’re willing to work with. They will only seriously consider your application if you have at 2 or 3 years of experience and you need to have good written and verbal English skills. The company also insists that all virtual assistants be very organized.

Since TimeEtc doesn’t require a huge weekly time commitment and they have a good reputation in the work at home world, I urge you to send them a copy of your resume. You do that by going here.

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    I am retired and want to supplement my income in order to be able to continue serving in a volunteer work. I would prefer telecommuting work from home. Ideally employment of from 5 to 20 hours a week between Monday and Friday during business hours is what I would like.

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