Screenwise Trends – Google Pays Up to $3 a Week

Screenwise Trends Panel Review
Screenwise Trends by Google will actually pay you for every device you install the program on.”

**Screenwise Trends is now called Cross Media Panel and it looks like they no longer payout via PayPal, but they issue a variety of gift cards. They credit $2 per device (up to three) at sign up and then $1 per week that their program is on your devices. Initially, you have to accrue $25 to receive your first gift card but after that you can claim them in $5 increments. (Thanks to Melissa for this update!)

Google has created a very interesting program that they’ve dubbed Screenwise Trends Panel. The purpose of the program is to help them gain a better understanding of exactly how the general population uses the internet, and they need the help of folks who work at home.

Google has done a great job of making the Screenwise Trends process as simple as they can. Once you have signed up for the program, all you have to do is download and install the browser extension the program has provided you onto your computer and mobile devices. The extension allows Google to monitor how you use the internet and what websites you visit.
The only criteria is that you must be a US resident and be older than 13 years old. Minors will need to have their parent’s permission before they enroll in the program.


The best thing about being enrolled in the Screenwise Trends program is that they’re willing to pay your for doing something you would have already done anyway. The exact amount of money you’ll earn can vary from $2 to $6 a week depending on how many different items you’re able to install the browser extension on to. The program also has a system that pays you for keeping the browser extension going. This weekly payment can add up to about $3 every single week. The money is paid into your PayPal account. If you don’t like working with PayPal, you also have the option to receive the money in the form of a giftcard.

The Negative

The only real negative aspect I have found with the Screenwise Trends Panel is that they only need a certain number of people to participate. If they have filled up all the slots, you won’t be able to join. However, they do often have spots for internet users who favor different types of browsers so you should check the website frequently and see if it’s possible for you to sign up.
The other problem I have heard with regards to this program is that the money isn’t always as available as some would like and that it can take a little while to be paid for your contribution.

I think that as long as you don’t mind the idea of Google monitoring your internet use and you use a browser they’re interested in observing, you should sign up for the program. It’s an easy way to make some extra money, and three dollars a week really adds up.

www.screenwisetrends.com (Cross Media Panel)

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