Making Extra Cash Just by Giving Free Stuff Away

Make Money Giving Away Free Stuff

Companies That Pay You to Give Away Freebies

I always take advantage of the folks passing out samples my local grocery store. I figure….why not?

I might just find out I really like something that I would otherwise not know about.

I especially like the produce section's sample plate of exotic fruits and vegetables. I've tried kiwi and now love it — I also LOVE jicama in my salads now. It's hard to cut up–but has a delicious apple-like flavor that makes a salad extraordinary and delicious. Because I eat salads A LOT — I love new and interesting ways to make them different and better. (I've got some cute free printables for kids too that you might want to check out!)

This same concept — giving away samples — works for more than just grocery stores. Samples are a great way to get your product “out there”.

Some companies actually pay people to hand out samples of their products or visit their website.  With millions of websites on the internet – and loads of competition, giving away samples can be the perfect promotion to nudge ahead of everyone else. I heard a Proactiv commercial today on the radio offering free kits. Now, why would Proactiv give away 100's of their skincare kits for free? Because MANY other skincare companies have come out with their own similar acne kits. Proactiv has been around forever and there is name recognition – but giving away free kits might be what gives them the edge they need to stay ahead.

I'm always on the hunt for such companies – just like Proactiv – but allow people like us to earn giving away their samples. Any time I find something that might interest you –I put it here in this section.

So if giving away freebies, and making cash at the same time sound like it might interest you—then check out my most recent finds!

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