Cash for Texts

Cash for Texts

CashTexts – Get Paid for Texts? The Real Scoop.

CashTexts – Turning Texts into Cash

By now, most people own cell phones, smartphones, pads, tablets, laptops and anything else where you can send and receive text messages. Texting has become the new way to communicate—it is easy, fast and efficient. You can do it no matter where you are and many do it while performing other tasks (including some that are not so smart like driving). In any case, this is the new communication trend and it looks like it is here to stay. I do have another section on my site all about getting paid for using your smartphone. There are lots of possibilities there to check out.

Because of its popularity, companies are now discovering ways to benefit from this trend and pass the money-making potential onto you, the users. Unlike ChaCha and Weegy who pay you for sending texts, CashTexts works in reverse giving you the opportunity to make money for receiving texts.

What is CashTexts – Can You Get Paid for Text Messages?

Having just launched in October of 2011, CashTexts is a five-level multilevel marketing company that pays you every time you get a text message which, incidentally, could pay for your own text messaging plan. These messages are from a variety of advertisers who offer coupons for health stores, fast food chains, entertainment, electronics and so on. So in addition to getting paid, you can get some money saving coupons for places you go and things you buy.

How Do You Make Money and How Much Will it Be?

With this five-level matrix referral system, you can make money in three ways:

1.    You can earn five cents every time the system sends an advertisement or coupon text.
2.    You can earn money every time one of your referrals receives a text.
3.    You can also get commission if you are able to have people advertise with

What is the Amount of Text Messages You Will Receive?

There is no standard amount, but working on the basis that their preference features allows you to modify your profile leads you to believe that you will receive specific texts based on this information. Many companies operate the same way since advertisers are looking for certain types of people who fit with what they are selling and/or offering. So the number of text messages you will receive will depend on how well your profile fits with what the advertisers are looking for.

Because your earning potential is contingent on your profile, you may not make so much money which means some people might consider this company a scam. But this is how these types of companies work. Paid texts did go out shortly after the company did their beta launch which is encouraging news. Many companies lure people in during beta launches only to never follow through with paying its members.

A nice feature that CashTexts offers is that you can set the days, times and amount of texts you receive when you fill out your profile. You can even sign up for pause texting any time you want.

How do You Get Payment and When?

Payment is made automatically every two weeks through a globally branded debit card. But according to their website, they have set this at five dollars due to processing fees, but they are hoping to make it automatic in the future.

Is CashTexts an International Opportunity?

For now, people living in other countries are encouraged to sign up, however, they cannot yet receive texts so they will not be making any money. But the company is hoping to expand soon so that this will change.

Will This Cost You Money to Join?

Joining with CashTexts is free, but you will need to have a cell phone plan that includes text messaging otherwise you will be paying for the texts you receive rather than getting paid. Make sure your plan will cover the costs of receiving messages so you do not lose money on the deal.

The Cons

Every company, no matter how good, has its criticisms and complaints. Here are a few issues that have come up with CashTexts:

1.    Who is running the show? That seems to be the question with CashTexts. When the company initially launched, there seemed to be some mystery as to who the owners of the company were. This can be a sign that they have something to hide which is not the best first impression. They must have realized this was creating a feeling of mistrust and now include an “About Us” page with contact information on it.

2.    Where is the money? Even though the company has only been up and running for a short time, there seems to be no evidence of anyone getting paid yet. Usually, by now, someone would have tweeted it, posted it or blogged about it. The fact that there appears to be no actual proof of payment may leave you a bit suspicious.

3.    Why are you not making any money? As mentioned earlier, if your profile is not sought after, the number of texts you will receive will be very limited which means so will your income. The other thing is the referrals. If you are not good at getting them and having them sign-up and participate, you will not get any money from that either.

4.    Who has your phone number? Let’s face it, you are giving out a very personal piece of information, your cell phone number, to people you do not know. And since the company just launched and the owners are still a bit of a mystery, you may want to hold off and see how the company does in a few months before handing them your phone number. Remember, you want to make sure that people are getting paid and that the company has some type of longevity or you could lose more than your money.

5.    Will they last? Well, sustainability depends on more than just the people running the show. If users are not participating the way they are supposed to, the well dries up and you will not be making much, if any, money. There are already people who have found ways to “game” this system, but hopefully, CashTexts is on top of this and knows what to do.

Is CashTexts Legitimate?

The company will not cost you much for joining, but whether or not it is a scam is still up in the air. The company is still new and there are still some lingering issues. Before you join, do some research and see if you can find any proof of payment from users or who specifically is running the company. There is no reason you have to jump on this opportunity now as they are starting out and probably will have several kinks to work out. If they rectify their issues and are still around months or even a year from now, then you know they have what it takes to be in it for the long haul.

Kelly's Take on CashTexts

I've decided to sign up and give them a try. I figure, it's free and I can always block them later from my phone if there is an issue. But I like getting in on the ground floor of something – and since it's invitation only — that seems like a good thing, a good time and chance to build your referrals. I carry my iPhone with my everywhere. I'm texted all day long. A few extra ones that earn my cash won't hurt. If you would like to try it as well – and it is invitation only – here is my invitation link to join CashTexts.

** I'm not positive – but I think this opportunity has gone under. You can however, check out 1Q. I've personally made over $100 with them. They pay .25 to .50 per answered question and they sometimes have promotions where you can earn .25 per referral.

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    So you may be receiving texts and I am happy for you but me and my downline has not. : ),

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