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Making Money at Home as a Mail Decoy with Us Monitor

Contrary to what people might think, the postal service is still a valuable service that people rely on for marketing purposes. Even with the Internet surpassing the postal service’s ability to get messages out to millions of people at once, many companies still use the old-fashioned postal service for marketing and advertising. While it may be perceived as junk mail to most people receiving it, on occasion you can find valuable coupons and offers that you may otherwise have missed on the World Wide Web.

Because the mail system is still being used as a marketing tool, companies want to make sure that you receive whatever it is they are sending out and they are willing to spend money to do that. Not only that, they also want to make sure that their materials are delivered on time and in good condition. A delay in delivery or materials that are missing vital information or are ripped and torn can cost a company a lot of money in the long run.

While you may not want another piece of mail that holds no interest to you, you might change your mind when you learn about US Monitor. Here, you will get paid just for receiving real mail, as you become a mail decoy.

What is US Monitor and What is a Mail Decoy?

US Monitor is used by companies to manage quality control and efficiency when it comes to their mailings. They hire mail decoys (you) who go on the company’s mailing list to receive whatever they are sending out. Once you are on the list, you will begin to receive mailings from them including offers, flyers, newsletters, catalogs, etc.

After you receive the mailing, you will be required to log in and report to US Monitor when you got the mail and what shape it was in. On occasion, you may be asked to respond to an offer you received in the mail in order to see how long it takes for a return response. Special codes that are on the mail will guide you in how to identify each piece of mail so it does not get confused with other pieces you receive.

US Monitor may request that you keep the mail for a week or even longer and then sometimes you will be able to throw it out right away. You may even be asked to return it in a prepaid envelope that they provide. On rare occasions, you may be asked to take a picture of the mail or scan a copy of it to send to them.

Are There Any Requirements?

No special training is required, but you will need a few things like a computer, scanner and a digital camera. Obviously, you will also need a valid address (or post office box) so you can receive the mail. As long as you have a zip code, you should be fine. You will also need to be able to process the mail each day and if you are unable to do so because you are away or for some other reason, they would like for you to have someone do it for you during that time.

US Monitor employs mail decoys in the United States, Canada and most other countries.

What Kind of Payment Can You Expect?

Unlike other work from home opportunities, US Monitor pays you a stipend each month which is ten dollars. You will also get paid per every piece of mail you process which comes to twenty-five cents. In the beginning, you will only get a few pieces of mail per day, but as you stay on with them, the amount of mail you receive will increase.

So if you get one hundred pieces of mail a month plus the ten dollar stipend, you will make about thirty-five dollars a month. This may not seem like it is worth it, but in all fairness, you were not getting paid this amount of money to get your own mail in the first place so this is almost like thirty-five found dollars for doing something you normally do for free each day. Payment comes in the form of a check around mid-month.

What is the Process for Signing Up?

You will need to fill out an application form that gives you a list of their requirements. A helpful hint when filling out the form is to use the extra four digits at the end of your zip code if you live in a big city since they will most likely hire many people from that particular area.

After you apply you will get an e-mail message saying that either they are not looking to hire people in your area and they will keep your form on file for a year or that they are looking for people in your area. If they are interested in hiring you, you will be given further information.

The Cons

Nothing is perfect in the world of making money from home and US Monitor is no different. Here are some of the negatives regarding a job as a mail decoy:

One zip code equals one person. Unless you live in a large metropolitan area where several people can be hired as a mail decoy, it is going to be very difficult to get chosen. The turnover rate is very low as people tend to keep up with the work and not give it up so easily. That is good news for those who are hired, but bad news for those looking to get hired.

No direct deposit or PayPal option for payments. Like their clients, US Monitor is a big believer in the postal system which is why you will only be receiving a check in the mail from them rather than an electronic payment. For some people, this can be a major negative waiting for a check to arrive and then having to physically bring it to a bank.

Major commitment as mail arrives nearly every day. Six days a week the mail arrives which means every one of those days you need to process the mail and do whatever is required of you as a mail decoy. If you are someone who is home a lot and does not take many trips, this is a perfect opportunity for you. However, for those who are restless at home and take any chance they can to get away, this may not be the right at-home job.

You cannot make this a full-time gig. Most work-at-home opportunities are great as extra income. By no means is being a mail decoy going to give you financial independence so you can quit your full-time job. However, if you are earning money from various other work-at-home opportunities, you most likely have seen a nice chunk of change each month. But do not kid yourself into thinking this is something you can make a full-time career out of.

The longevity of this business is questionable. Even though companies are still using the postal service for their marketing, it is ultimately cheaper and quicker to use the Internet. At some point, companies are going to shift their focus to more technological ways of marketing their goods and services which leaves US Monitor and its mail decoys with not much mail to sift through.

Is US Monitor a Legitimate Work-at-Home Opportunity?

While you may not be able to live off your thirty-five dollars a month, US Monitor is certainly a worthwhile and legitimate business. Just know what some of the negative points are so you are not disappointed later on. But once hired, you will easily see that earning money by processing mail requires very little effort on your part which makes it a no-brainer to try.

I'm not sure if they are hiring any new monitors – but here is the link to apply:

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  5. I have been with US Monitor for a year now, it’s fast and easy, Even doe you are getting mail just about everyday it only takes a few minutes to log in the mail and I do mean a few minutes, Depending on how much mail I get I usually get paid between 25$-55$ a month, My check comes on time every month, haven’t had a problem with payment. today is the 8 day of the month and I have receive 50 pieces of mail already, it’s best to log the mail in the same day you receive it.
    Thank you Kelly for this great informative website, I have sign up for a lot of thing i’m interested in, being unemployed every $ count.

    I also do Affiliate Marketing for a discount prescription card company.

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