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Grubhub Work From Home

A Different Kind of Work at Home

Over this past year, I have discovered and shared a lot about working at home taking menu orders. I've brought you info about DoorDash, Pizza Hut Orders and OrderUp. All of these are customer support jobs that focus on menu order taking. They all pay well… coming in at anywhere from $9.00 to $15.00 an hour. Not bad for no commute. (Doordash also offers an opportunity to be a Dasher. You set your own hours and earn delivering food to customers.)

This post is going to focus on yet another one — I had heard of it a few months ago, but just hadn't had the time to really hunker down and write about it. The company is grubHub. grubHubs's site states that it is the “nation's leading online and mobile food ordering company”. But there is a lot of competition out there — which is good for those of us that want to work at home, and for those placing orders!

grubHub has around 35,000 restaurants in over 900 U.S. cities and they are now in London too. That's some pretty serious food delivery! Just like Uber and Lyft — drivers sign up to deliver food. So there is the opportunity to be a delivery person for grubHub and the opportunity to work at home as an order taker.

Give Me the Deets on Working at Home for grubHub

From what I can tell — grubHub uses NexRep to do their remote customer support hiring. So – that's the first thing you'll need to know. NexRep hires for many companies.

NexRep requires a minimum of 20 hours a week. So this can certainly be a part-time job if that's what you're looking for. grubHub's busiest hours are Thursday through Sunday. Makes sense – most people order take out closer to the weekend and over the weekend. Hours will likely be 5pm to 10pm and they are EST hours.

Though I saw some posts that this is a commission-based position, it is not. It's hourly, and it seems to land around $13.50 an hour (but some will be offered more or less depending on experience).

The biggy here — if all this sounds good to you — is that they do not hire in every state. I KNOW, frustrating! Specifically, I've read that they do not hire in California. And I know that many of you that live in California get very frustrated as many work at home opps aren't offered in that state. Though more states might be added – I do see that they hire in the following states: Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Illinois, Arizona, Texas, Colorado and New Jersey. If your state isn't one of those – still apply! You never know.

What Are the Skills Needed or Required?

Obviously, you need to have people skills and basic computer skills. Having an outgoing disposition and able think quick on your feet are always great characteristics of great customer support folks. If you don't like talking on the phone – you're probably not going to like this gig.

Their ad states:


Documents transactions by completing forms and record logs
Maintains quality service by following NexRep service levels
Customer Focus
Data Entry Skills
Product knowledge

As far as equipment…

Computer Requirements: Memory = 2.0 GB and Processor= 2400 MHz or 2.0 GHZ
Internet speed = 1.0 Mbps

Final Thoughts on grubHub

I think taking menu orders seems way more laid back then say, tech support or customer support for a mega-company. That's not to say it's easy or a party. BUT – you're not dealing with troubleshooting equipment or financial type issues like credit cards either. This would be a great way to bolster your customer support resume too, especially if you're wanting more customer support experience before moving to a big dog like Apple or Amex for instance.

If you're interested – NexRep usually contracts out for Grubhub – you can look for it under their current Agent Opportunities here. You can also check the actual Grubhub website here, just in case they post there as well. They are not always hiring – so be sure to check back often so you don't miss an opportunity to apply. Good luck!

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  1. William Brewer Jr says:

    Your work is awesome and appreciate I just like to thank you for all your efforts you put into helping others blessing to you and family and your business

  2. Yah they definitely do not pay 13.50 I work for NexRep as well all is 10.00

  3. I’m currently an Independent Contractor for NexRep and I work the GrubHub campaign. They starts at $10/hr, not $13.50. Also, we are not taking orders. We get the “My food isn’t here!” “My food isn’t right!” phone calls. We also get calls from teh restaurant requesting menu changes, refunds, and upcharges. We do not take orders because we can not take payment over the phone.

    And they hire in NC too!

  4. @Lavita
    You’ll need to use the link I provided or contact the company to apply. They have a hiring process where you apply for the job and then they pick candidates from those that have applied and interview them. It’s a typical hiring process.

  5. how to get started with the job ? do i need to mae a payement to start the job?

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