Working at Home for Disney Streaming

Work from Home for Disney

Streaming services are becoming more and more popular. Millions are cutting the “cable” cord and purchasing Roku's or TV's with streaming built in. I know here in my own home, we have a Roku and Hulu and Netflix. And with Hulu we get free HBOMax right now. Who needs cable? But let's speak more to working from home for Disney, and their streaming service.

Many of you are familiar with the working at home opportunity Disney provides in customer support — but you can also work remotely for Disney via their streaming service department too.

Remote Work for Disney's Streaming Service

Obviously, Disney jumped on the streaming service wagon too. They wanted to cash in on all the “cable-cutters” too. That being said – they now have a profitable and popular streaming
service audience. With this viable streaming service, Disney now hires Content Insertions Assistants.

What Do Disney Content Insertion Assistants Do?

Well — first things first. They get to work from home! Below is the actual job description from Disney for Content Insertion Assistants:

“Content Insertion Operations is responsible for coordinating commercial breaks and quality control of live broadcast streaming content. The Content Insertion department works closely with other DSS multimedia departments to successfully deliver live streaming and video on demand of sporting and other events to the public.”

What are the Hours & Pay for Content Insertion Assistants?

This is a remote part-time role with the expectation of 20-30 hours per week. Weekend, late-night, and holiday availability is a requirement of this position.

Though I couldn't find a specific pay noted on any of the actual job listings – Glassdoor notes this position as earning between $19-$21 an hour.

Disney Content Insertion Assistant Job Description

I wanted to make sure that you got the best description of this job as possible. So, I found an actual listing and I'm posting it below. Every open position for this that I found offered remote work. 

Job Listing:


+ Monitoring the event feed and reporting audio/video issues to a supervisor

+ Slating/Commercial Insertion during live events

+ Coordinating commercial breaks

+ Cutting and publishing event markers to the stream
• *Basic Qualifications:**

+ Flexibility to work various shifts when needed

+ Must be available to work weekends

+ Must be available to work late nights and some holidays

+ Ability to work remotely

+ Typically has 0 – 1 year related experience

+ Motivated and able to work independently as well as in a team environment

+ Ability to multi-task, prioritize and communicate

+ Strong attention to detail, ability to quickly follow instructions

+ Capability of identifying various audio and video issues

+ Ability to maintain focus in a fast-paced, bustling environment

+ Demonstrates proficiency in some technical concepts and related processes, with specialization in others
• *Preferred Qualifications:**

+ Knowledge of sports (Especially major sports)

+ Familiarity with some video editing software

+ Strong computer skills including a working knowledge of Mac OS, Outlook, Word, Excel and some form of video editing software

+ Experience in live video/streaming production environment a plus

Where to Apply

If there are any openings for this position (or even the customer support positions too) — you'll find them via the Disney Career Search page. They are not always hiring for this position, but you will want to make sure you have the page bookmarked and to check back often. 

As well, don't forget to bookmark the job board here too. If I find any of these Content Insertion positions, I will post them on my board too!

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