Freebies for Moms – Big List of Free Stuff

Freebies for Moms

Love the Idea of Free Stuff? Me Too!

There are all kinds of amazing offers on the internet. On this page I hope to share with you offers that might interest you. As well, sweepstakes and contests that are happening so that you can enter. I try to stick with freebies that will help those looking for work at home or wanting to take classes or learning courses online.

Classes and Courses That Offer Freebies

– FREE 7-day introductory e-course that dishes all the details on what it takes to build a freelance business as a proofreader. The creator is a successful freelance proofreader herself and makes over $3000 proofreading from her iPad.

– Janet Shaughnessy ran Zoom Transcription for 10 years and now offers a free mini course on how to get started transcribing.

– A FREE, 5 lesson email course that has helped more than 5,149 people break into freelance writing.

Keeping the Kids Busy While You Work

– List of popular coloring page websites and printables for the kiddos.

-Reward good behavior or give as gifts.

Coupons and Free Samples

– They offer not only free grocery coupons, but you can also get your hands on free cosmetics/beauty products and more!

– Tons of freebies to sift through. This includes coupons. You can also snag sample sizes of featured products.

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