39 Profitable Home Business Ideas [Several with Low Startup Costs]

Home Business Ideas

Thinking of Starting a Home Based Business?

Great List of Home Business Ideas That Can Help You Take the First Step

Welcome to my home business ideas page. I created this page many years ago – but have kept it updated with ideas for those wanting to start their own home business, but they're not really sure what they want to do or are just in the brainstorming phase. Over the years, I've written articles and gathered ideas and have a list below.

So if you've been pondering the idea of trying something that you can do from home – take some baby steps and start researching. This is a good place to start since there are all kinds of home based business ideas to get those creative juices flowing. A variety that can appeal to a lot of different types. Some women want to spend their time on the computer, some want to talk on the phone or be out and about. Others love having home parties and selling products they themselves love.  Money making ideas from home can cover a large area – drop any pre-conceived notions you have. These days with sites like Etsy, Fiverr, Task Rabbit and others – getting started or gaining some experience can be pretty darn easy. You can dabble and see what you gravitate toward.

So just meander through the ideas below start honing in on what it is you might like to do. Even if you really don't know – there might be something below on the list that you've never thought of before. I had a woman email me the other day that had never been an online tutor before. But she met the requirements and submitted her resume and cover letter and landed an interview. I was thrilled for her. She emailed again two weeks later and had landed a full time online math tutoring job. She never even thought about being a tutor and had only done some substitute teaching in the past. So you never know?

I know if you put your mind and heart to any of these home based business ideas you will be a success. So, let's get started!

Home Based Business Ideas and More

– This guide is all about selling Positivity printables. There is a great market out there for these!

– I personally wanted to know more about this and try it myself. Here's how I started.

– Stay home with the kids and earn cash just by doing laundry for others.

– Looking for an easy start up? These companies offer opps to be your own boss. This directory is one of the most visited spots here on the site.

– For those that love the outdoors, exercise and dogs, this just might be YOUR perfect fit.

– Enjoy talking to people? Flexible schedule too? Could being a psychic be something you'd enjoy?

– Many communities really need this type of business.

– The internet has made making money as a virtual assistant a real reality.

– You know you've always wanted to write that book. You want to be the next JK Rowling – it's in you. How to get started.

– Not JUST teachers can make money online as tutors.

– If you love free samples or getting paid to try something out – then you'd enjoy making money as a product tester.

– Mystery shopping is still big. Big companies are still wanting to know how they can improve customer service in a very competitive world.

– Can you type? Can you type fast?

– Same as above – correct, quick typing can land you this type of money making job from home.

15. Online Data Entry Work

– This covers so many options. Typing skills required.

– I am proof and so are thousands of other moms on the net – that you can make an income with a blog.

17. Clerical Work and Data Entry Work

– Small companies sometimes can't hire full time staff people, so they outsource jobs.

– I am a purse freak. One of my weaknesses. Making money selling purses – even better.

– Again – the internet has opened doors for proofreaders. They are in demand if they are good at what they do.

– eBay is still a money making giant. There are so many people making a full time income with eBay – why not you?

– Yes – you can sell items online, but you could also open your own local shop. Look at Plato's Closet – huge consignment franchise that is very popular and successful.

– Lots of entrepreneurs out there need a right hand man/woman. Though you will work at home – could be travel perks if you get lucky and like that idea.

– I love the idea of running a welcome wagon type business.

– I couldn't do this type of job, but some people like my friend Alicia, love shopping and have killer taste. I would think there would be perks with this kind of job too.

– Much like starting your own blog – but an actual website. Find your niche, build an audience and you're on your way.

– The gift basket business is a HUGE one, even in this crappy economy.

– Weddings are pretty recession proof and they almost always server alcohol at them. Not to mention other events.

– Heard of Angie's List? Or Service Master? High money making businesses.

– With Kindles, iPads and Nooks – you better believe people are profiting off writing little, helpful ebooks.

– I do this for a living now and enjoy it. I am always researching and writing articles and love it. It's flexible and profitable.

– There will always be a need for this type of service. Doctor's offices, real state offices….

– History buffs and the curious will love this type of work.

– With all the health issues the USA faces – more people are seeing doctors than ever before. Insurance companies are overwhelmed and so our doctor's – being trained and having experience in this field could mean a nice full-time career.

home business ideas

– Most families have both parents working – day care is just a reality of our society.

– Pottery, painting and more. The artistic can profit.

– Consider being an Avon Lady! I personally sell Avon and I make over $1,000 a month doing so.

– Kids are into making money as well. And what a great way for them to learn about business.

-It you're passionate about food and looking to start a home business? Charcuterie boards could be the popular trend that becomes your lucrative and enjoyable venture.

-Sales continue to grow year after year for the lip gloss industry. If you love cosmetics, this might be the business for you! Read this start up guide to learn more.

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