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Wholesale Designer Handbags

Current Wholesale Designer Handbags List

Apparently, this is one hot list! There is a lot of money to be made selling designer handbags. Now…the key is that they are “real” designer handbags – not knock-offs.

Where to Find a Wholesale Designer Handbag List

I have heard that selling “designer-inspired” handbags is “ok”, but to sell blatant knock-offs is a HUGE no-no. There have been police raids on homes of women just like you and I that really didn’t know they shouldn’t’ be selling these purses. I would totally freak out if I were having a party and selling these gorgeous handbags (and I do have a fetish for handbags! My absolute favorite handbags right now are London Radley and Kooba!) and the cops came in and arrested me.

So…my advice….don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

I haven’t looked at this particular wholesale designer handbag list. I’m not sure if there are minimum purchases, or what exactly is on the list. I do know that the list is popular and that many people are turning to eBay to create an income from home. They start their own little online purse store and people like me come and buy!

Purses always seem to sell well –and of course, designer bags will forever be the “gotta have” no matter what season. If you’ve not ever really looked at designer handbags – I promise you, they are so much more stylish and of better quality than a purse you buy at Target. NO offense. Even a Dooney and Burke bag is a much better purchase than several Target bags. It will last you forever.

So starting your purse business. What to do first. Find a supplier. As long as you’re dealing with a legit supplier and keeping your business above the board, I would think that selling designer handbags or even just adorable purses would be a nice way to make a little bit of money.

I’ve never personally tried it — but I can tell you that I have paid dearly for a REAL designer purse, and I have bought many purses from auctions. Why not?

Viktors, over at Wholesale Designer Handbags offers wholesale designer handbags from Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, Dior and more. Of course, buying these at wholesale and then selling them retail is certainly a way to make a profit.

I think it’s important to know what a wholesaler will provide you. You want to make sure you’re getting what you paid for and what you were promised.

Viktors designer handbag wholesale company is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating — the highest rating given to businesses. You can click here to view our BBB report or call them directly at 1-800-646-6222 to verify this.

As a wholesaler, he promises to offer:

1. Authentic designer handbags! Period. No knock-offs, etc. Handbags should always come with their authenticity cards/tags and dust covers.

2. Wholesales handbags at 50-75% off retail, so you can make a profit!

3. Offer a money-back guarantee on the authenticity of their handbags; after all, they should be able to make this guarantee, otherwise…what are they trying to hide?!

4. Won’t require that you pay an “account setup fee”—there should never be additional fees, other than the cost of the merchandise itself and the shipping costs.

5. Will require you to purchase a minimum quantity. Why? Because it is wholesale. You are buying in bulk and that’s why the prices are lower. It doesn’t mean you have to buy 100 purses – but you will be required to buy a minimum. It might be just 10 purses.

6. Cannot wholesale Louis Vuitton, there are strict Louis Vuitton pricing guidelines on who they wholesale their handbags too, making it impossible to purchase this brand at wholesale, legally.

7. Provides you with their company’s complete contact information: address, telephone number (you should always be able to speak with someone before placing an order), e-mail, etc. If they are keeping this a secret – there is a reason…and it’s not a good one.

Get more info on their wholesale designer handbag list or to purchase their list.

Here is a very small sample of the designer products Wholesale Designer Handbags offers:


There Are Other Wholesalers Out There to Check Out

There are other designer handbag wholesalers that you can check out (and not just handbags! Lots of other designer items) – just remember to be cautious and be comfortable with who you are dealing with. The few I found online appear to be experienced and reliable. They have experience selling designer handbags themselves.

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Another great idea, if you’re really considering having your own online store, or wanting to sell on eBay — is to check into Salehoo. You can create your own online store in minutes. And they are professional looking, easy to use. Salehoo makes it very affordable too — I am actually seriously considering using Salehoo myself.

Want To Sell Your Personal Designer Items Quickly?

I have a great list of over a dozen sites and apps that allow you to sell clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories online. You can see it here:
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