How to Sell Printables Online – Easy Start Guide

How to Make Printables to Sell

I love the idea of creating printables and selling them online. If you’re like me, you’ll want to keep reading. Because though we love the idea of having our own little printables shop in our own little corner of the internet — the idea can seem overwhelming. And what happens next, nothing. We do nothing. And our little online shop gets shelved. Maybe forever.

Making Selling Printables Online a Reality

So, lets not let that happen. Lets gather our courage and our creativity and get started! But where to start? How about since we’re beginners, we keep this simple. How about we get help. That’s why I want to share Amy Harrop’s, Positivity Printables Made Easy. Amy is helpful and inspiring. But what I left best, is that she makes me feel empowered and more sure footed with those first steps.

I love the idea of creating something that spreads positivity too. Maybe you do as well. I know life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, but if what we create each day, as our “work” has a positive spin… well, that can’t be bad! Many love quotes, inspirational messages and even smiley faces.

And look at how many searches are done on Etsy alone for positivity-related products:

  •  22,200 searches for the keyword manifestation
  • 5,400 searches for gratitude journals
  • 1,000 searches for habit trackers
  • 33,100 searches for vision boards

How to Make Printables to Sell

Amy’s Positivity Printables Made Easy will give you step by step instructions on creating printables to sell. She also shares how to create journals, planners and more to add to your online shop. You’ll be given DIY templates to help you move into a more sure-footed direction and help you get some experience getting started. (These templates allow you to have commercial rights too!)

Her guide is 70 pages of info to help you. She offers worksheets with easy steps and over the shoulder videos for thorough understanding. Plus she includes some nice bonus material!

Printable Possibilities are Endless

I watch a lot of junk journaling videos on YouTube and Tik Tok. They are relaxing to me. And they always make me want to tap into my creative side. Finding a creative way to contribute to those that junk journal, scrapbook or create their own personal journals sounds absolutely fun. But creating printables and selling them online doesn’t mean you have to like the same type of printables that I like!

Heck no!

Maybe you want to create snarky cat printables or quotes about post-divorce bliss… I mean, go for it!! But Amy’s guide can give you a real jumping point without investing tons of money. Her guide is very affordable at only $27! (The price will go up soon to $37! But even that is super affordable!)

You can grab Amy’s Positivity Printables Made Easy and take that first, POSITIVE step in your online printable business!

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