Online Moderator Jobs

Online Moderator Jobs

Online Moderator Jobs for Forums and Chat Rooms

I used to have a forum on this site. Before I moved it into a blog format, and even for a little while I had it up and running. It was a lot of work, and a lot of posts to moderate. I can see how even on a small scale like mine was that it would help to have someone either helping or doing the moderating.

Now, think about HUGE websites with 100's of posts every day. They certainly need help. That's where forum moderator jobs come in. You “sweep” message boards and make sure the guidelines for a particular forum are followed.

Though there aren't tons of moderator type jobs out there – they do exist, usually have flexible hours and pay “decently”.

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Forum Moderator and Message Board Jobs

The Social Element

– Helping customers, especially during heavy activity. Their site states: “…user-generated content (UGC) moderators who are passionate about creating an engaging online experience.”

Metaverse (ModSquad)

-Moderators cover a wide variety of projects that include message boards and social media.

Baby Center

– They aren't always hiring, but they do occasionally need moderators.

Crisp Thinking

-Newer company that hired moderators for social media accounts. Reported pay is $10+ based on experience.


– Apply for community managers and moderators.

Alchemic Dream

– Their site has openings for Community Managers and what they do: “What they do: “Moderate forums (protect communities against all nuisances and prejudicial attitudes while keeping them united and motivated). Interact with communities on different channels and networks. Recruit and manage volunteers within the community. Create and manage events. Create bonds between the service and its users.

Live World

– Virtual, part-time moderators protecting brands.


– Forum moderation on gaming message boards.


– This is one place that hires moderators on a continuous basis.

ICUC (USA and Canada)

– Social media moderators.

Forum Posting

– If interested in earning cash posting on forums, this resource page might be of interest.


– Limited to just the Austin, TX area — but worth a mention. They hire Moderation Specialists on occasion. Just check regularly on the job search page.

online moderator jobs

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