Non Phone Work From Home Jobs

Non Phone Work at Home Jobs List
“Non phone work at home jobs for those that want to work from home, but prefer not being on the phone. Big list, with many types of jobs.”

No Phone Required For These Work at Home Jobs

I can easily say that this is the most visited of my work at home jobs pages. There is something very appealing about working from home and not having to talk to anyone on the phone. I'm not sure why, maybe it's because you wouldn't have to have complete silence in the background and many of us have pets and kids (life of a mom!) — or some people are just really uncomfortable with speaking on the phone. I know for me – I have a big ole Labrador that feels compelled to bark at FedEx, UPS, the mailman, school buses — any vehicle that is big and loud makes my dog big and LOUD! And though I have been on the phone with clients before and doing customer support when she's barked, I was able to simple say… “It's bring your dog to work day!” and people were very nice about it.

Non Phone Jobs When No Background Noise Isn't an Option

However, there are many work at home jobs that require COMPLETE silence with no distractions whatsoever. And I get that — you're representing their company and they don't want a customer on one end of the phone and a flustered parent with a baby crying in the background being the voice of their company. I can appreciate that because I know if I were calling about a stolen credit card, or my internet being down… or whatever, I want to feel I am speaking with someone that is professional and totally focused on me.

As someone working at home though — I loved working a non-phone customer support job. Oh my goodness, night and day regarding stress level. I still had quotas and criteria to meet, I still had meetings every week — but the job itself was much more enjoyable answering clients via a ticketing system and email.

But no matter the reason you might be looking for non-phone work at home, rest assured, there are lots of options.

Please bookmark this page, because you won't to miss out on any updates or additions to my non phone work from home resources below. Also -if you would be so kind to share this page with others that might be looking for this type of work I would appreciate it and I am sure they would be grateful too.

Non Phone Work at Home Jobs

TELUS – Online Data Analyst

– Flexible, no phones. You'll be evaluating websites, social media, ads and more. They have openings for English and fluent Spanish.

Smart Alex – Greeting Card Writers

– Witty, creative writers always needed. They look for “funny, edgy & risque” writers. Freelance writers are welcome.

Greeting Card Jobs

– There are some merchandising jobs listed too, but many are writers, illustrators and such.


– Newer company, hires tech-savvy support from around the world. Their Customer Champion positions are hard to obtain, but 100% virtual No phone customer service jobs.

Netflix: Kid Content Tagger

– This is a part-time gig with a one year contract. They aren't always hiring either – but it is non-phone, work-from-home jobs.

Meet Edgar

– Social media manager positions (ei: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube)client support and customer support jobs. Email and chat. These are basically office jobs that don't require answering the phones.


– Non-phone, email support for over 1.3 million subscribers that receive their monthly Glam Bag. (Not always hiring.)

Get Paid to Review Calls

– A few companies hire reviewers and evaluators to help categorize calls and provide feedback.


– They hire image reviewers. No sales or phone calls.

Data Entry and Clerical

– If you've got great typing skills, secretarial skills and know programs like Excel and Word — you'll want to check out this category. They often have data entry jobs.

Search Engine Evaluation

– The pay is great (around $13 per hour), the hours are flexible. But the pre-qualification testing, quality criteria and machine-like quota that has to be met — not so great. These are all non-phone jobs.

Tutoring Jobs/Education

– Those with an education or background in teaching might find this area a good choice.

Chat Jobs

– Customer service using online chat.

Ephemera – Slogan Writers

– If you're the creative type and good with zingers and ad copy – this might be a great way to earn as a freelance writer.

Forum Moderator

– Message board and forum sweeping and moderating.


– Jobs for beginners and professionals.


– Those with experience and skills can find a lot of options as a transcriptionist. I see a lot of jobs and openings for transcribers and translators too.


– This is not only becoming a popular work at home career, it's becoming more and more in demand.

Filmless – Voiceover Artists

– They seem to always be looking for folks to do voice work. Sounds like a unique and fun way to earn.

Swagbucks – Video and Trailer Watchers

– You won't get rich, but it's nice to cash in the points you earn for Amazon Gift Cards. I use my points for Regal Cinema tickets and take my family to the movies once a month for free!

Test Scorer

– Typically seasonal work. The pay is usually very good. Scorers use criteria to grade students essays and other papers and tests.

The Chat Shop

– Hiring live chat agents as customer service representative. Paid training and earnings around $10 an hour.


– They are often hiring freelance book reviewers.

ZeroChaos (Now Magnit)- Ad Quality Raters

– They coordinate the hiring process for many companies – including particular search engines looking for ad quality raters. Check Indeed for latest openings.

Snap – Voice Artists/Talents

– Continually looking for voice talent for various projects.

Pinecone Research

– Though not a “job” — I have earned with Pinecone over the years. They pay $3 cash for their surveys. Real money – no gimmicks.

Amazon MTurk

– Definitely won't need a phone for these tasks, but these tasks are more of an extra cash source. The faster you can type, the more “tasks”, searches and research you can do.


– Not unlike Amazon MTurk, you'd be doing tasks. These are typically simple typing/data entry type searches or sorting.

You can also find great ways to earn some extra cash doing micro tasks, reading emails and more over on the Extra Cash Directory page here.

Have an ideal no phone job? Keep reading…

Do you work at home doing something that doesn't require a landline or phone? It would be great if you'd share it in the comments section below. By networking together and sharing experiences, this page can become an even better resource for those wanting to find a job at home, but prefer it to be something without talking on the phone. Thank you.

If you’re still looking for work at home, please be sure to check out the entire Work at Home Directory for more job ideas.

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  1. Toni,

    I worked for Uber and you can set your own hours to work. There is no set pay, your pay is based on passengers assigned for pick up, miles traveled, etc… Some of us make $100 or more on the days worked. I have friends that have made as much as $1,800 per week. However, they worked 10 hour days and started at 5am.

  2. Kelly Land says:

    You’ll need to get information like this from each company you apply for. I’m not affiliate with any of these companies and I don’t work in their HR department. The best thing I can tell you is to apply and/or research and see how they make payments and what countries they hire from.

  3. Djetoyom Faty says:

    Hi, I’m Faty Djetoyom. I need work from home because I’m student in China but I’ve been not going to school because of the virus and I really need a job from home to earn money for my business. Please help me out find a good one. Also, let me know if i can get paid through my alipay account since im in China and have no PayPal account. Thank you

  4. Nancy Smith says:

    I’m 59 years old and need to work at home. My mother is 90 years young and suffers with some dementia issues. I need to be at home with her as much as possible. I need tips to find the right job for me. Typing and proofreading are two of my strong suits. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Kelly Land says:

    YOu’ll be given a 1099 or a W2 for most jobs and you files as you normally would. I am sure every state has different tax laws/rules – but in general you file as always.

  6. How do you handle/manage taxes for this type of work at the end of the year? I have been very interested in several of these jobs, however, I am nervous about what to do come tax season… Do you have any input or suggestions?

  7. Hi i am just having the issue of being qualified for any of this because i work 40 hrs a week and have 2 young boys that i have with a sitter all day because of summer. 3/4 of my paycheck goes to a sitter, i want to work from home be there for my young boys and still make enough money to pay the bills. I have tons of customer service, typing and clerical experience but cant exactly be on the phone with 2 boys running around. What do you suggest?

  8. @Misty
    This is an excellent question. I’ve never had anyone ask this. I’m going to research this and see what I can find. I am sure there are others in your same situation wanting to work from home with only satellite internet. I’ll see what I can turn up and maybe someone else that has experience with this can chime in as well.

  9. Misty Bertzyk says:

    ive been looking for a at home job for years. my problem is a big one, one we never thougth would be an issue in todays techological world. hard wired internet of any kind is not available where we live. we are only able to recieve satelite internet which is why i keep hitting a wall everytime i apply to any work fro home job. even our internet provider wouldnt hire me, haha! any ideas or suggestions on where i can look that would accept satelite internet?

  10. I want to work from home. I like to work as a toys tester…ofcourse kinky toys too….any company if you know, pls send me

  11. Leslie Overmier says:

    I would love to do the online test scoring job it sounds perfect for me please I would love to have this opportunity and I would be great at it thank you hope to hear something back

  12. I am looking for a part time work at home opportunity, and I just read about drop shipping. Exactly what is drop shipping, and how does it work? I don’t really know anything about drop shipping, so any help you could provide would be helpful.

  13. @Ashley
    If they require internet then it would really just be logistically impossible, unless you could find a cafe or something like that with internet access that met their criteria. Then you could camp out there say, during a 4 hour shift and work. I do know writers that work exclusively from places like McDonald’s that has wifi because they don’t wanna pay for their own internet for whatever reason.

  14. Ashley Holt says:

    What if I dont have a way to get on the internet or a computer very often how would I do some of the jobs that require internet and a computer all the time

  15. @Tina

    Competition is tough. More and more people are wanting to work at home and with more companies opening up to letting employees do this — it’s just an amazing time. BUT — like I said, competition is VERY steep for the non-phone jobs if that’s what you’re referring to. I try and update this section all the time because it is the most popular one in the work at home directory.

  16. So are there actually any companies that are hiring? I’ve contacted every single one and have been told that they are not currently hiring?
    I work full time already but need some extra money. I have lots of customer service experience and computer experience to boot.
    Any suggestions would be great!

  17. @Clara
    Thanks so much! Glad you find helpful! It’s certainly a labor of love :-)

  18. Fantastic post! I’m always researching non-phone jobs. Another great non-phone “job” is drop shipping. Very rarely do I ever have to pick up the phone. The occasional call to PayPal, and that’s it! Everything it done through email. I love your blog, and I enjoy reading every post. I just had to share this very valuable information on my blog! :D Thank you so much for posting this great non-phone jobs!

  19. Hi Toni!
    Thanks for coming by! Yes… I have typos… ugh — I’m the worst. I really try, but it happens. I think working 60 hours a week is turning my brain to mush! LOL
    I know several people that work at Uber and love it. It’s growing rapidly. I don’t know if they are hiring right now because they did a big push from like May through August. But it’s worth checking out! No phones and $15 an hour! You DO have to work 40 hours a week last I heard. Take care and good luck!

  20. I just came across your blog and I find it very interesting. I just thought I’d point out that I found some typos. For some reason these things jump out at me and I can’t help but see them. I wish this was something that I could get paid for. I’ve been looking for something that I can do from home and I’m not having any luck. I have an 11 year old that’s in school and a 3 year old and 5 month old that are home with me all day. I also nurse the 5 month old so I need my time to be very flexible. I need to find something that I can do in my own time and not have to worry about background noise. I’m going to check into Uber. Prayerfully this is something that will work for me. I will continue to follow your blog and appreciate that you take the time to gather this information. Thank you.

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