Get Paid to Review Calls Right from Your Own Home

Get Paid to Review Calls

Good Listener? Get Paid to Review Calls

So… a lot of folks that want to work at home, don't really wanna do “phone work”. I always tell them they are missing out on some great jobs with great pay and benefits. But, alas – they just feel uncomfortable talking on the phone all day long. I guess I can understand that. If we all loved the same type of work then we'd all be doing the same thing! And wouldn't that be boring!

But hey — what about a job that involves just LISTENING to calls? They are pre-recorded in most cases and you don't have to talk to the callers. You're just reviewing the calls and evaluating how the callers questions were answered or how their inquiries were handled. The best part is that you can do it all from home. Now – as great as it sounds – I will say, that the pay is probably never going to rival jobs where you DO have to talk on the phone, but this could be a nice gig for extra cash.

In Case You Don't Mind Phone Jobs…

As a side note, if you've never thought about customer support type jobs that you can do from home, and think it might be something you'd be interested in – there are MANY well-paying jobs in this field. Check out the full list of work at home customer service jobs here. There are even home-based customer support jobs that pay over $16 an hour – for instance, American Express home based jobs.

But at any rate, if getting paid to review calls sounds like something you'd love to do and fits your lifestyle and personality, then be sure to check out the companies below. There aren't a lot of companies offering this type of work, but I've searched around a lot and found a few. I share them below. And as always, I will continue to search for jobs that allow us to get paid to review calls and I will add them to this page. So if this type of work really interests you, be sure to bookmark this page and come back often.

List of Companies That Hire Call Reviewers and Evaluators

– Many are earning $80-$100 a week reviewing calls. Must have verified PayPal account to get paid.

– PCs, no Macs. Offers part-time only.

– I can't find much info on this company, but their site is up and they do have a careers page for applying.

Have You Worked as a Call Reviewer?

Have you worked as a call reviewer before for one of the companies above? We'd love to hear what the work was like. Sharing your experience helps others decide if it's something they might enjoy doing as well. Thanks in advance!

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