Is CloudCrowd as Good as the Name Sounds?


CloudCrowd for the Freelancer in You

CloudCrowd is a freelance site minus the bidding process. When a company decides to use CloudCrowd for one of its projects, CloudCrowd takes the project and splits it up into many smaller and easier jobs. They then post these jobs on their site along with how much the job will pay. People who have accounts with CloudCrowd can log in and see what jobs are available and then choose the ones they would like to do. Once a job is completed, you get paid.

Scope of Work on CloudCrowd

There is no one particular type of job on CloudCrowd. Projects range from tagging images or videos with keywords to doing online research. Some projects may require editing or writing articles, web pages, etc. Whatever a company needs assistance with is what is available. Most of the work is online so if you have a computer, you are good to go. The three things you will need, however, are a PayPal account which will cost you nothing, a Facebook account, also free, since CloudCrowd uses Facebook applications to post available jobs and manage workers, and Internet access.

Are the CloudCrowd Payments Any Good?

Pay is dependent on the type of job you do for CloudCrowd. Some obviously will pay more than others. Jobs start as low as $0.01 and go up from there. Yes, that may not sound like a lot but if you take on multiple tasks throughout the week, it can add up. Not to mention, you can certainly choose higher paying jobs if you are able to do them. Besides, if you spend hours already on the Internet logged into Facebook, catching up on the scores or just surfing from one site to another, you are not getting paid for any of that. At least with CloudCrowd some of that activity will get your payment, even if it is not a lot. Something is always better than nothing when it comes to money.

Payment is always made through PayPal which is why you need to have an account with them. You can always transfer your PayPal money to your own bank account (or ask for a check via mail which takes longer). You can also use PayPal’s debit card to get your money. Payments are made the day after you complete a job. (See my post, Online Tasks for Money (Including Micro Tasks) & Errands for more ideas to make money at home like this one.)

Does CloudCrowd Have a Referral Program?

Any work-at-home opportunity is bound to have an affiliate/referral program and CloudCrowd is no exception. Joining CloudCrowd is free. You can then invite someone to join and if they do, they are now part of your Personal Crowd and you are eligible to receive a commission on the work they do. If your referrals invite others to join and they do, those new referrals also become members of your Personal Crowd at the second level. If second level referrals get others to join, those new members become part of your third level Personal Crowd. Every time someone on one of your Personal Crowd levels completes a project, you get a commission. The breakdown of payment is as follows:

First level referrals earn you 10.1% of what they get paid
Second level referrals earn you 3.2% of what they get paid
Third level referrals earn you 1.5% of what they get paid

These commissions are paid every day which is great, but the rates are subject to change every quarter.

Is CloudCrowd a Legitimate Opportunity?

So far workers are happy, people are getting paid and there is no charge to you for joining. These are all very good signs. However, they are still in beta so things could change once they go live. For now, though, they seem to be on the up and up and people who have done work for them have been pleased.

The Cons

As good as it sounds, there are some minor negatives with CloudCrowd.

1.    By no means will you be able to give up your full-time job and support yourself and/or your family doing work for them. This is just a way of earning a little extra income and you can never argue with that.
2.    Since PayPal is the only method that they use for payments, some may not want to go through the trouble of joining and then having to transfer funds. There are some people who despise PayPal for whatever reason.
3.    Having a Facebook account may not be ideal for some people. There are reasons why people do not join in the first place. Either they do not want their lives posted to the world or have an old flame try and reconnect with them. Whatever the reason may be, if you are anti-Facebook, this opportunity probably will not work for you.
4.    The project listings are small so you will need to check a few times a day to see if anything new pops up. The hope is that once they do go live, the number of available projects will increase. Time will tell.
**CloudCrowd is now CrunchBase

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  1. @Ellen

    Thanks for coming by and for the compliments!! Your tip is helpful and appreciated. I wish you awesome success in your work at home search!! It is certainly not work for the “lazy”!! Those that work at home often work a little harder! We just don’t have the commute :-)

  2. Ellen Brodsky says:

    I just discovered your site, and I must say “You are Amazing”! I have looked at various home-based work offer’s off & on for twenty years. Of course the industry of work-at-home has changed greatly in the last few years, and feel it will continue to grow as such.

    This trend being influenced by the changes in computer technology, also considering the changes in the economy, the need for more than one wage earner in the home, more internet based businesses (No physical store fronts) and of course, companies needing and wanting to cut over-head costs is what is driving this change in today’s workforce.

    And you my new friend have supplied a honest, through, resource that most job boards really are just lacking. Please keep up the great service you are providing in this area of “Work wanted”.

    My mother thinks I want to work at home because I am lazy and do not want to work hard. Contrary to what she thinks, working at home takes a strong disciplined, well-organized, creative, and dedicated individual to be successful at “Working-at-Home”.

    My initial intentions were not to ramble on, but I had to commend all the hard work you have put forth. I actually wanted to post the current link for the company “Cloud Crowd” you had mention in the above article. Ladies and gentleman, you will find Cloud Crowd here;

    For those of you that were unable to find this company all you had to do is be a little intuitive, and slightly internet savvy. With that said, if you were unable to take less than five minutes to try: .com, .org, .net, .co, .uk, or simply a google search then I would have to suggest that maybe home based work is not for you. Or maybe a class or two to brush up on your computer skills should be a consideration.

  3. @Carolyn

    Thanks for the research! I didn’t know it had changed. It’s not totally uncommon — look at the big site eLance changing totally to Upwork. I think it was originally two sites that combined – I believe it was elance and odesk. I’ll try and do some research too and look into it. I have it jotted down on my TO DO list.

  4. I looked for Cloud Crowd only to find that apparently they either merged, bought, or were bought out by Crowd Source. After following that trail, I ended up on what used to be Crowd Source’s website, only to be redirected to Onespace, which is what they are now calling themselves. Do you know anything about this ‘new’ ‘entity?’ Or should I just simply move along and leave this one alone? In my opinion, looks to be too much flip-flopping, which is a red flag for instability.

  5. @evette
    I can’t seem to get to their site? That’s weird. Maybe it’s having server issues? I use CrowdFlower as well — you might try them in the interim.

  6. how do I join cloudcrowd?

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