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Turn Fun into Extra Cash – It's Possible

I am a gamer. I have been since back in my college days. Making money gaming, well… it can be done – but unless you're a full-time game tester for a major gaming company or a professional gamer, I don't think you'll replace your income.

You can, however, pick up a little extra cash playing games online. I know a lot of folks love Farmville and Candy Crush. I can't personally speak for those games — but I know that they are super popular and seem to be fairly easy to play ( as long as you don't fall into buying extra moves and lives!). I think I read recently that the company that makes Candy Crush makes a million dollars a day off their game! Holy smokes!

Though I haven't seen any opportunities to earn cash playing Candy Crush — there are a few opportunities to check out to make cash or win cash. You can see those below. I am always looking for ways to earn playing games — so bookmark this page and come back soon! Have friends or family that might like this info – pass it along! Share!

Online Games That Earn Cash and Prizes


– Swagbucks allows you to earn many ways, and one of them is playing games. Play games like Bejeweled and Scrabble to earn “bucks” that can be cashed in for cash cards or gift cards. Good reputation.

Treasure Trooper

– There are treasure hunts and other games that allow you earn. There are also games like Jungle Slots and Chatroom Bingo (Which is a lot of fun!). Instant cash out to your PayPal account. Good reputation.


– So not actually a game – but still a competition. Earn $25-$50 or more for suggesting a cool domain name. Get creative and cash in!

Get Paid to Play Games Online

– Here's an article I wrote about even more sites that will pay you for playing different types of games.

Play games online and earn cash? Keep reading…

If you know of other sites that pay you to play games, please share it with all of us in the comment section below. Or if you're using one of the sites above, we'd love to hear how you're doing with it.

By sharing and networking, we can make this site a really great resource for everyone that wants to earn by playing games. Thanks so much.


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  1. if you live in the state of Tennessee world winner wont pay you cash since its consider gambling. signed up and wasn’t allow to play any of the cash games :-(

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