How You Can Get Paid to Play Games Online (Right Now!)

Get Paid to Play Games Online
“You really can play games for cash on your tablet, laptop or even your smartphone”

Ever Wanted to Know How to Get Paid to Play Games Online?

If you have not spent a lot of time on the internet, you may not be aware that there seems to be a site for almost every topic possible. Sure, you may know that there are sites where you can earn money as well as sites where you play games, but there are also many sites that let you have the fun of playing games while earning money at the same time. And it is not a short list of sites either! Here are few sites that you should visit to see how much money you can earn by doing nothing more than playing games.

List of Websites That Actually Pay You to Play Games

1. Swagbucks

– Free to sign up. Earn swagbucks that can be converted into cash or gift cards. They offer games like Bingo Bash, Solitaire Rush, Angry Birds Champions and even Trivial Pursuit!

2. BingoZone

It is hard to go online and search for games and not get a lot of sites that offer the chance to play the game of bingo. This difference between those sites and this one is that you can play your favorite game, bingo, for free and have the chance to win some money. Sometimes payouts are just $1, but they can grow much larger so it is definitely worth checking out.

3. PlayAndWin

This is a very popular site among gamers online. The reason for this is that they offer many classic games that you will undoubtedly enjoy over and over again. It is great that you can get rewards just by playing a simple game online. On this site, the rewards you earn are tokens. Once you earn a certain amount of tokens, you will be able to enter them in to a jackpot of your choice.

4. Paid Game Player

– Access is free and literally 100's of games to choose from. Real gamers will shine using this site because you can compete for cash.

5. BINGO for Money

– The name says it all. Thousands of people play Bingo on this site for cash. Some accumulating winnings of over $13,000 or more. There are several themed Bingo rooms to play in too, for example, Game of Thrones and Big Bang Theory.

Playing Games Online Anywhere

Final Thoughts on Grabbing Some Cash for Gaming

I am absolutely a gamer. I enjoy it and it's a huge stress reliever for me. My game of choice is World of Warcraft — but I have been known to go on a Candy Crush binge too! If I could make a career out of either one, I would. So hey, if you can make a little cash having fun playing games then I say more power to you! I'll continue to add to this page when I find more options!

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