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Purse Party Profits – How to Cash in on Handbags

Purse Parties - Having One
Purse parties are where guests gather online or offline to shop for purses, handbags and accessories offered by a host or hostess. There are direct sales companies that offer purses and handbags that allow you to become a consultant, but you can also venture on your own and find wholesalers to provide your inventory. 

Selling Designer Handbags on eBay or Having Purse Parties

Make no doubt about it…. purse parties are a thing. If you're like many out there — the idea of selling purses and handbags is like a dream come true. And hey… that's how Kim Kardashian got started! So let's talk purses!

Designer Handbags Can Make for Designer Work at Home Dreams

I would attend a purse party. Probably would attend one once a week!!

I love designer handbags. I admit it. I can't afford them, but I love them. I'm kind of a purse freak. For a long time, I carried the same purse. I carried for over 3 years! Never even thought about changing. It was a simple Dooney & Burke tote in plain leather. Nothing fancy stood up well and was roomy.

Then I got kooky one day and bought this little, dinky purse. I brought it home, cut off the tags…and crammed the little bit of my stuff that I could in it. I lasted exactly two days using that purse! Never again, I have wallets that would have been better!

From then on…I've been on the quest for THE perfect purse. It's a fun quest though! I currently carry a 5-year-old Kooba and adore it. It's worth every penny I paid for it!

But what about having your own business making good money selling purses and accessories? This certainly seems to be one of the most fun ways for purse lovers to make a living!

What are Purse Parties? A Handbag Shopping Paradise?

I've heard of fabulous purse parties. Never attended one, but a friend of mine in Indiana says she got a cheap Michael Kors purse at this party?! Now – I don't know if this was a knock-off purse party or the real deal.

Are purse parties illegal? Another friend of mine in Florida said that women were getting busted for selling these designer knock-off purses or counterfeit purses at purse parties and many claimed they “just didn't know” it was illegal. So, my take (and this is not legal advice) is to not try and sell knock offs as the real deal, but call them “designer inspired”. Again, I'm not an authority – so make sure you are doing things above board and that you're not crossing any copyright laws.

Show off your purse party find

The scoop on purse parties ideas and selling purses on eBay

I decided to try to dig up some info and see if selling purses was a legit way to make money and if you could indeed have a profitable and LEGAL purse parties home business.

The best I could gather was that there are indeed, actual direct sales companies that offer consultant positions to sell purses. Though many of these purses are “designer inspired”, I am told they are not knock-offs. Be careful. You'll want to get all the info you can about this.

Some purse party companies sell just purses. They don't claim them to be “real” designer purses, nor do they want to. They are simply chic and trendy purses that you can sell in a home handbag party type setting or from catalogs. You'll become one if their purse party consultants. Typically a host or hostess will get a discount or incentives for having a party. Or even a free gift of his/her choosing. You earn commissions on the party sales of merchandise  purchases.

These parties can be done online too, not just from the comfort of your home or a host's home. Your hostess can send each guest an “e-vite” using email or social media to their own party. They can also mail invitations the old fashioned way through snail mail if they really want to. You'll assist them along the way to help them with their first purse party to make it super successful.

You can even create a website to sell them, or some even offer affiliate sites. Again…be sure you speak with reps already doing these parties and get their personal story and opinions.

Purse Parties Can Mean Extra Cash

There is NO denying purse parties are HOT! I've heard of women selling $1000 in purses in ONE night from a home party. Now…were these “designer knockoff” purses that would have the potential of landing you in the county jail? I am not certain.

If you're a real purse expert, cruising through your local Goodwill might be a great place to find designer handbags. Imagine finding a Kate Spade, Tory Burch or Chanel bag! If it's in good shape, it's worth trying to resell.

I did see that on eBay there are a lot of purses for sale. Seems most auctions do sell when it comes to purses. So… my guess would be finding a supplier for legit purses at a wholesale price and simply opening your own little eBay purse store. Go with classic styles or the latest trends. A mix of both would be a good bet in my opinion.

As far as wholesale handbag or purse resources, I did find more info on snagging a good wholesaler handbag list. But, I have not seen this list and I haven't purchased anything from it. So you'll again want to steer clear of purses that claim to be REAL designer purses but they aren't. That's where the trouble starts.

Purse Party Inventory

Purse Parties, Selling on eBay and Wholesalers

Now.. as far as the wholesale purse list, you can check out the info I found here. Of course, as I said earlier–you could start a little purse shop on eBay and certainly make some money if the purses you chose are hot sellers. Finding a good handbag wholesaler would be important because you need that price break they can give you in order to make a profit.

Designer Handbag Wholesale

You might also just check out that site, Luxury Designer Wholesale. They have many purses that are designer brands like Fendi, Coach and Prada. Some of their deals are up to 75% off retail which would mean a tremendous profit for every purse you sold.

I would just be sure to keep everything on the up and up. You certainly don't want your dream of working at home, end up being a story you'd rather forget! Ending up in jail because you “just didn't know” that you were selling something illegally! AHHH!!!

One Last Thought for Selling Purses

If you're not inclined to start a whole purse party business, there is still cash to be made. If you own well-maintained handbags and purses that you no longer want, you can sell them. There are many, many websites and apps that let you take a picture of your purse, write a description and it's instantly for sale. It's quick and easy and literally takes minutes. You can see my huge list of sites and apps for selling clothes and more for ideas.

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  1. I would like to start selling pursees, i would like reply back if you can thank you8

  2. How do I start

  3. Valerie P Eaddy says:

    I’ve been looking to have my own business but got nowhere. I think this is for me. I love shoes and purses. Please let me know how I can own one.

  4. Cindy Halvorsen says:

    I would like more information please

  5. kathy davis says:

    would like to sell purses please send me infro.

  6. I would information on how to get started working from home selling clothes, shoes, and handbags. would like to become a Home Sales Consultants. who do i contact to get started?

  7. @misty
    Have you looked over some of the direct sales companies in the Purse section here? We might not have reps for all the companies – but you can certainly learn about the companies that do offer a purse/handbag home business.

  8. misty Pruitt says:

    I have been wanting to be a Purse consultant for a very long time. I enjoy meeting new people but I have not yet found a company to go with. Please contact me I am very interested in selling purses. 1-xxxxxxxxxx If I don’t answer please leave a message and I will contact you back Thank you Misty

  9. J henderson says:

    I have a very successful purse party business and have been doing purse parties for about 6 years. I am looking at stopping as I have other things come up and can’t keep up with it all. I am looking to sell the inventory to someone wishing to start their own purse party business at below wholesale price. I see that you had some interested people comment on your blog and would love to get in touch with them or have them contact me. I enjoyed reading your blog and these parties are so successful.

  10. ana lozada says:

    What can I do to sell?

  11. @Carla
    Thanks for coming by the site and your interest in selling purses! I think it’s a cool idea too. However, I don’t personally do this. The info I have is to help you with brainstorming. I do know there are some direct sales companies that offer purse lines. I know it’s not the same thing – but thought I’d mention it.

  12. Can you please send me information on your purses? I’m looking into doing this part time. Would like to see dome of your purses and what name brand you carry. Thank you

  13. @Kenny,

    Sounds interesting. Email more details – maybe I can write a review and get more exposure for you.
    Many women love the idea of a purse business.

  14. Kenny Harrison says:

    Hi Kelly I own Purses & More, we currently sell from our website pursesandmorearizona.com. I have a program for women to be Home Sales Consultants. Basically they are working for themselves having purse parties and selling to their friends. They make about $20 for each purse & wallet set they sell. The retail price of these sets are less than $50.00. Maybe you would like to share this with your readers.

    Kenny Harrison
    Purses & More

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