Earn Cash Doing Laundry from Your Own Home!

Laundry Care Home Business Opportunity

It Sounds Very Kardashion-like to Be Laundry Free

When I think of never having to do laundry, I think of winning the lotto. Or better yet, being Kardashian rich and famous. I mean, it's only those scenarios that regular people like you and I can find ourselves not having to do laundry, right?

Guess again! You have your laundry done by someone else AFFORDABLY. Laundry Care launched in 2009 when a stay at home mom noticed that everyone needs and wants clean laundry, but they hate doing it. (That would be me!)

But did you know that you can become part of Laundry Care's team and earn from home? Absolutely! You can actually have your very own laundry business!

Something as Simple as Doing Laundry Can Earn You a Paycheck!

Because I am always looking for great ways to work at home, I had to share this. I am the type of person that likes to sit and watch The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones and fold my laundry. I feel like I can multi-task and make the folding part way more enjoyable if I have Rick Grimes or Jon Snow “with me”. In reality, I don't loathe it — but if I were earning cash doing it? Oh, that would be a game changer.

Laundry Care is looking for folks just like you and me to start or expand their own laundry business or service under the Laundry Care brand in select cities across the United States. Getting started costs as little as $30! So, when I ponder this — I think, what a boon for moms at home with kids that can't really do customer support jobs because they don't have a distraction-free, noise-free workplace? And let's be honest, washing and drying clothes are pretty straightforward and easy. And folding clothes is certainly not the worst household chore to tackle. (And in my case — I'm watching TV while I'm doing it!)

An Extra $200 a Week?

Now that catches my attention for sure! How about you? An extra $800 a month doing laundry from my own home? That's almost $10,000 a year that I can funnel into my daughter's college fund. (She wants to be a nurse, and that is NOT cheap!) What could you do with an extra ten grand a year? Maybe a vacation? Home repairs? Bills? Some Laundry Care affiliates make less when they are just getting started — so keep that in mind. Making $200 a week is not guaranteed, but it's the average. Some make even more!

So let's get into the specifics of getting started with Laundry Care — that way you can really peruse the details and see if this might be the perfect at home money maker for you!

Directly from Laundry Care:

We are looking for people ready to start or expand their own laundry service under the Laundry Care brand in select cities across the United States. Our Providers set their service area and when clients sign up for service using the Laundry Care website we connect them with the Provider that is servicing that area. They get to manage their own schedule and we take care of billing and payments leaving our Providers to do what they do best…the laundry.

The cost to get started is a one time supply kit for $30 which comes with 5 branded Laundry Care bags, garment covers and bag tags. While most clients find us via the website some Providers like to go out and make local connections to build up their client base quicker. These Providers can order business cards or any other branded marketing materials that they would like at a discounted rate and have access to digital media ads and flyers. They also have access to a private website that covers anything and everything that you would want to know about doing laundry as well as a Private Facebook group just for Providers so they can share tips, ask questions, and connect with other Providers across the United States.

To be considered they must meet these basic requirements:

*Enjoys doing laundry
*At least 21 years old
*Clean Background
*Daytime Availability (this can vary depending on location)
*Washer & Dryer
*Reliable Vehicle
*Internet Access
Getting signed up is super simple and all done online. Once a Provider is Active they are then in our system and clients can see that we offer service to them and our Support team can see that they are ready to accept clients. When a new client is received we send a text notification letting them know. Payment for laundry processed is made weekly via direct deposit. New Providers will start off slower but on average our providers make $200 per week and some even more.

Ready to Get Your Laundry Business Started?

Signing up is easy. Simply go to their Join page. There will be an APPLY button there to click on to get you on your way.

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