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Family Tree Business as Your Career – Getting Started

Everyone has a natural curiosity about there past. Who am I related to? Is there someone famous in my family history? For decades people have successfully researched and documented their family histories. Why not help others find out about their history? If you have a love for digging into the past and researching long, long ago – a family tree business could be the perfect fit for you. Learning how to make money from home doing something you love can be lucrative and fun!

The art of Genealogy can be a task some people do not have the time to tackle. They may be interested but lack the knowledge needed to locate their past family. This is where you come in! The Internet offers such a rich resource of information, you could find ones past almost entirely online (from home!). This could be a wonderful and fun business for those of you who love a little mystery and research. You may even discover some very surprising facts about a family tree you're working on – so you not only get the excitement of being the discoverer of this – but you get to share it as well – and hey…..get paid too! And truly – the internet is open book of the world – finding facts these days doesn't mean trekking to the library or searching old dusty records  – it can be done from a cafe where you sip your afternoon latte outside in the gorgeous weather! If you're a total history geek, a genealogy business could be very rewarding.

Start Your Genealogy Business with YOUR Tree

You should research your OWN family tree first to see if you even like doing the work. If you decide that this is the type of business that you find fun and stimulating, then proceed with your advertising efforts. You could offer a sample of your work by locating the first three generations of a family as a “free offer”. Most genealogy web sites sell beautiful plaques, papers and stationary to document a history. Invest in some books that teach you how to do the research. There are a variety of ways to locate a person either online or off-line.

How Much Can a Genealogy Business Make?

What to charge you ask? Good question! This depends on how much “labor” you feel you put into it. In my opinion I would probably charge a set fee for every generation the client wants. Let's say a client wants to know five generations on both the mother and father's side of her family. You may want to charge $5.00 per generation, that would come out to be about $50.00. You then would also charge for the paper or book you write or type the family history in. This is just an estimate, charge what you feel you deserve! Be willing to negotiate as well. Offer to give a free “family history album” with any $75.00 purchase. Get creative! Most of all have fun with it

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  1. Tracy Kondracki says:

    How do you deliver their trees to them and what form? what is the best software for this?

  2. What is the current going rate for someone to do your family tree? Does it go by how many generations you go back or by the hour? Just wondering how people charge these days.

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