Mobile Bartender Business

Mobile Bartender Business
“Getting your mobile bartender business off the ground. Here’s some tips & suggestions to think about.”

Starting a Mobile Bartender Business

Mobile Bartender

I like this idea a lot and am even considering doing it! I have been to a lot of parties and weddings lately and noticed that having an “open bar” is getting rather popular. In other words you can pay for someone to set up a small wet bar and distribute drinks to the party guests. I know your thinking, NO WAY! Stay with me on this one. I’ve seen small open bars get paid as much as $3000.00 for 4-5 hours of work! PLUS you get tips! O.K. you say, how do I get started?

Choose a Great Business Name for Your Mobile Bartender Business

This is important because once you start advertising and word of mouth gets around, you’ll have a hard time changing the name. Something catchy or fun. Or just go for something basic like AAA Mobile Bartending Business.

It doesn’t matter, as long as you like it and potential clients and customers can remember it. (See my post, List of Home Business Ideas [Several with Low Startup Costs] for more great ideas for starting your own business.)

Licenses for a Business (Liquor, Catering, Business)

Be sure to see if you need a state license and a tax ID number. You more than likely will – do not skip this important step. You will also need to find out what the rules are or what licenses you need for serving liqueur. Contact your local alcohol beverage board to see what exactly you might need for the city/state you live in. You will probably need certification as well – so remember there is more to this than just saying “I’m open for business”. Alcohol can have serious liabilities. Cover your bases.

Supplies Mobile Bartender Business Started:

You’re going to need to either build a small bar or buy one from a furniture outlet. You can pick one up pretty cheap, check your local classifieds to see if someone might be selling one. You might check eBay too because there are cool, all in one bars that you can buy that can be broke down easily when the event is over. Going to start with a lot of equipment, think about what you’ll be hauling it all in. You’ll need some kind of trailer or large van. You’ll also need bottle openers, glasses, napkins, garnish supplies etc. Really think about WHAT is needed to get started and not what you want. You can always build on your business later.

Mixing Drinks and What to Wear

If you are not familiar with mixing drinks I recommend buying a book on it. You don’t need to know EVERY drink out there, just the basics. Once you have learned the basic drinks you can go out and slowly start purchasing your alcohol. This can be a little expensive at first, but you can always require a deposit from the client so you can purchase the alcohol up front. And remember, like I said earlier ANY business needs a license.

Once you have your license (and any bartending classes taken)  squared away, wouldn’t a nice uniform look fantastic? I recommend wearing what the occasion calls for! If it is formal wear a cute altered tux of your choice. Get creative! You will get a lot more business from other guests attending the party if you look good!

Getting the Word Out About YOUR Mobile Bartender Business

Now for advertising. I recommend the phone book and classified ads (even though they are old fashioned!). A nice web-page would work too – and these days, if you don’t have a website… well, it just seems like you’re not really current. Go around to party and wedding shops and ask if you can leave a display of your business cards. I can say that this market is really small and you probably don’t have a lot of competition.

And do not forget the mighty power of social media. Create a business Facebook page for sure. Consider Twitter as well. And – Instagram. You’ll want to show all your gorgeous drink creations on your Instagram. Or even just some fun behind-the-scenes images of life as a mobile bartender.

This type of work is usually done on the weekends. Wouldn’t earning $1000.00 to $3000.00 in one weekend be wonderful?

Do you need a liqueur license? Get more information and details at

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