How to Make Money with Pinterest

How to Make Money with Pinterest

Here are Ideas on How to Make Money with Pinterest

If you spend time each day on Pinterest, you might already know that you can make money from Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the most popular and powerful social media websites that people and businesses use to promote their products, services, blogs, websites, etc. Whether you are a new user on Pinterest or already have an active Pinterest account, you can make money on Pinterest. You can make money by taking advantage of your Pinterest followers whether you have your own blog, website, or e-commerce store or not. Below are ways you can make money online using Pinterest.

Make Money from Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Affiliate marketing is when you promote products, services, etc. of another company or individual through affiliate links provided to you by the company or the individual and then get paid for each click or sale done through your affiliate links, depending on the affiliate program. Some companies or sites like ClickBank, MagicLinks, CJ Affiliates by Conversant and Amazon Associates Program require that you have your own blog or site before applying for their programs, but others like Awin and Shopstyle Collective will allow you to make money from affiliate marketing if you have a Pinterest account.

Create beautiful Pin images with links that lead people to your blog posts which contain affiliate links. When people search for products, services or ideas that are relevant to your Pins, your Pins can show up in Pinterest's search results. If they click on your pinnable images they will be directed to your blog posts containing affiliate links. You'll receive a commission every time a product or service is sold, or a lead or a click is generated through one of these links, depending on the affiliate program.

Make Money by Selling Products on Pinterest

You can create and sell your own digital products like an e-book, guide, how to article, etc., or physical products like jewelry, clothing, etc. using Pinterest. Just create awesome Pin images with direct links back to your product page(s) on your own site, or a check out section. (Here are a couple of posts that might be of interest to you, Create Puzzle Books for Profits! Write. Publish. Earn. or eBook Publishing [Creating Small eBooks for Large Profits – How To] for ideas on creating your own sell-able content.)

Another way to earn on Pinterest — checklists. I know you're thinking, wait — what? Yep — have you looked on Etsy lately and done a search for “checklists”? People buy checklists all the time. People with NO experience in graphics or illustrations are creating checklists and selling them over and over again. Literally killing it with their creations.  If this idea excites you, you're gonna wanna read my post, Make Money Creating Checklists (Sell Them for Profits Over & Over). You'll learn all about Amy Harrop's awesome guide to help you get started on creating checklists for profit.

However, if you do not want to create your own physical products, then you can buy products from a company at a wholesale price and resell them at a higher price. Dropshipping is another option where you receive payment from a buyer and then forward the order to a company that delivers the product to the buyer so you do not even need to own the inventory.

Make Money from Sponsored Pins or Posts on Pinterest

You can make money using Pinterest to promote other companies' products and services in front of your audience. If you have a lot of followers on Pinterest, companies may contact you directly to get their products or services in front of your followers through sponsored posts. You will post them to your own blog or site and then create attractive Pins with links back to the sponsored posts. These posts contain links to the companies' sites. And you can even drive traffic to their sites directly from Pinnable images.

Sell Digital Products Using Pinterest

If you have expertise in a particular field, you can create and sell digital products such as online courses, e-books, printables and digital files online. You can use Pinterest to market these products. Just create eye-catching pins with links to your digital products so your potential clients can click through your pins to buy your digital products.

As just an example, I have had great success with Ultimate Bundles. I absolutely recommend them. They create the most amazing bundles of digital products. They'll put together ebooks, workbooks, e-courses and more and sell them at a hugely discounted price. For instance, their Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle is 34 products worth $567.48 offered for $47. Essential oils are so popular right now. And as an affiliate, you can resell a bundle like this and earn 40%. You're doing nothing but sharing the bundle with others. The work has been done for you. Including amazing marketing materials that you can use to promote.

Offer Your Services Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a great marketing tool you can use to promote your services online. Maybe you have a service-based business — then create awesome pins that lead to your blog, website, online portfolio or profile where you can share excellent tips, tools you use and recommend, services that you offer, testimonials, quotes, etc. with your potential clients. If you are seen as an expert in their eyes, they will be quite likely to use your services.

Make Money by Building Your Email List on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to get people to sign up for your email list. Offer a downloadable opt-in free e-book, guide, etc. digital product on your blog or site and share the link to the freebie via pin images on your Pinterest profile regularly. Also, share your pins in group boards. Create an attractive title for your opt-in freebie so your potential email subscribers are encouraged to opt in. You can use this email list to sell your products or services at a later stage to the people and companies that are on the list. There are also Pinterest approved pin schedulers like Tailwind that makes keeping an active presence on Pinterest so much easier. This frees up so much of your time and it's very affordable at just $1

Make Money as a Pinterest VA

You can make money as a Pinterest virtual assistant or VA if you specialize in Pinterest. There are many businesses and individuals that do not have the time or interest to learn how to use Pinterest to promote their business. They will rather pay someone else who specializes in Pinterest to promote their business on Pinterest. That is where a Pinterest VA comes in. Create beautiful Pins, customize your clients' boards, join group boards, promote Pins, and perform more tasks.

You can find Pinterest VA jobs on freelance sites such as Upwork, PeoplePerHour and Freelancer. You can advertise your Pinterest VA services on Fiverr. Clients can hire you if they are interested in your services. Another option is to start your own blog or site and promote your services via a “Hire Me” page on your site. You can also advertise your services through word-of-mouth, Facebook ads, and more. Pinterest virtual assistants can charge anything from $10-$15 per hour, depending on their experience.

If you love Pinterest and like the idea of being a VA for someone, you might look into this great class by Gina Horkey and Kristen Larsen. I've heard wonderful things about the course. You can find out all the details to see if it might be something for you. Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant course information.

Make Money as a Pinterest Consultant

If you know the ins and outs of Pinterest, understand how Pinterest works, you can work as a Pinterest consultant. There are many businesses that will pay you to help them succeed on Pinterest. You can offer Pinterest account management services to companies, and create and execute a Pinterest strategy for them. You can charge a flat fee per month or a rate per hour as a Pinterest consultant.

If you charge a flat monthly rate of you $300 per account and can manage 5 accounts per month, you can make $1,500 per month working 20 hours per week. you per month if you work 4 hours a week and charge A Pinterest consultant can earn several hundred dollars per month working 20-25 hours per week. Jobs for Pinterest consultants are regularly posted to sites such as Upwork, PeoplePerHour and Freelancer. You can also check out

Make Money from Advertising Using Pinterest

If you are using an advertising network such as Google AdSense or more to monetize your blog or website, you can make more money from online ads as you get more traffic. You will make more money from online ads based on page views as you get more traffic from Pinterest or if traffic from Pinterest to your blog or site click on these ads. Create pins that have keyword rich descriptions so your pins come up high in Pinterest' search results.

In Conclusion

Making money on Pinterest requires pinning eye-catching images at the right times. Sharing awesome-looking pin images consistently will engage your current followers and increase more followers. If you can build an audience within a niche that you like, you can make money online using these 10 ways to make money online using Pinterest.