How I Make $325 or More a Month Doing Online Surveys

Online Surveys for Money

There IS Money to Be Made Doing Online Surveys

There is a lot of discussion online on whether you can “really” make money taking surveys. You can. I don't know of anyone that actually makes a full-time income doing it – but you can certainly get paid to take surveys.

Below is a list of survey sites that I use to take online surveys. I am always adding new ones as I find them and check them out. But I'm only going to list the ones that I've actually had success with.

I personally have made money doing surveys and when I find cash running short (almost always!!!) – I know that surveys are a way that I can “get in there” and make a little extra money. For instance, over the summer, I tend to do more surveys on my iPad or phone when I am out and about at the pool, beach… because I want to make some extra cash for school clothes for the kids. I just keep earning points or cash and know that this is money I am setting aside for something particular. I can typically make anywhere from $200 to $400 a month doing surveys June, July and August. I pick my dedicated survey sites (many times it will depend on the rewards they offer and like I said, my level of success with that particular survey site) – and then I make a little list set aside some time each day and tackle it. Sometimes I get lucky and snag a high paying cash survey here and there. High paying for me is anything $5 and over.

And I know there are so many scams out there or sites that want you to pay for membership to access THEIR list of survey sites – but listen, you don't need to do that unless you're really wanting to. There are sites like mine that list them for FREE. The key is signing up, trying them and finding the ones you like and the ones that offer what you want. I have criteria myself — for instance, I don't like surveys that take more than 30 minutes. No… I won't do those unless it's some super high paying one. I typically like surveys that are 10 to 20 minutes and that interest me. Online surveys for money are not a way to pay your mortgage or retire. That's for sure – just keeping it real here — but they can and do pay cash month after month.

Start looking through the list below and find the ones that interest you, or sign up for them all — just figure out your survey tackle plan and implement it. I highly recommend creating a free email address just for your surveys. Just go over to gmail or yahoo create and address like mysurveys111@ whatever and use it exclusively for your survey plan of action. Then create the list of your top 10 picks, bookmark them on your tablet, laptop. phone, computer… whatever you're using and each day be dedicated about it. If you find that one isn't worth it, dump it… pick up another one.

I try to go with ones that have been in business a long time and have good reputations. I'll give newer ones a try, many times I've been pleasantly surprised – but if they just aren't working out for me… gone.

So Lets Recap How You're Going to Make Money Doing Online Surveys

1. Find a free list of surveys (don't pay!) – just like the one I have below.
2. Create your free “just for surveys” email address.
* Gmail
* Yahoo
* There are many others…
3. Start signing up. I'd start with 10 companies that appeal to you. That should be more than enough to get started. Check out their rewards, how they pay… etc — whatever info that's important to you.
4. I buy the little $1 notepads and write down when I signed up, the name of the company and if they are cash or points. This just helps me keep track. I jot down my passwords too.
5. Now, be sure to bookmark all of your new survey sites that you've signed up for and put them all in the same bookmark folder on your tablet, phone, laptop…
6. Each day… set aside whatever time you're allotting and get in there and do your surveys!
7. After a month — check earnings, time spent, how many surveys you had to do, who paid the quickest.. etc.
8. Although I put this last…. it's optional. Have a goal. Why are you taking the time to do surveys? Free stuff? A coffee addiction to Starbucks? A special gift, event, holiday?

Survey Sites That I am Currently Having Money Making Success With

New companies crop up all the time, so this page is always being checked and updated, so please bookmark it so that you can find it easily in the future. You might also share this page with friends and family, so that they can check it out as well.

1. PaidViewPoint

Above is an actual screenshot from my PaidViewPoint account. Here's what I love about them. The surveys are short. Very short. They are easy. And yes, earnings are low — but it's fairly easy to get up to the cashout point of $15.00. You'll earn trust with every survey. This earns you more little surveys. Pro tip, always answer the questions genuinely. Because they will ask you the same questions sometimes, just to make sure you're telling the truth and giving the same answer that you did the first time. This builds your trust score. This is what you want. Cashout is pretty instant into PayPal. Maybe 4-5 hours at most from my experience. Absolutely worth it. I just cashed out $17 and bought us a Papa John's pizza!

Earnings System:
Rewards: Cash via PayPal
Opportunities: Online surveys and polls.
Minimum Cashout: $15.00

2. Pinecone Research (They pay $3 for EVERY survey, averaging $9+ an hour.)

Pinecone Research has been around for ages. They were one of the first sites I started doing surveys for. They consistently have paid and always pay $3 per survey. Though they have moved from just cash to points, the point system still equates to $3 per survey if you choose.

Earnings System:  Point system.
Rewards: Cash and prizes.
Opportunities: Online surveys and occasional product testing. Sweepstakes.
Minimum Cashout: $3, $5 or $15 amounts.

What Else to Know: They'll only send you surveys you qualify for.

3. 1Q (Get paid .25 to .50 cents INSTANTLY into your PayPal account for every question you answer!)

I admit it. I'm impressed. This one is a rare bird indeed in the survey-making-cash-at-home realm. I was skeptical, but now I'm fascinated. Having .25 cents deposited into my PayPal account over and over and over is thrilling. The questions I answer are super easy. I get a text message and it's something like, “Which Bloody Mary mix do you use?” and they give me 4-5 answers to choose from (A/B/C/D) — and I pick an answer (I selected D: None, because I don't drink Bloody Marys. And I earned .25 cents.

Earnings System: Cash
Rewards: PayPal
Opportunities: Polls
Minimum Cashout: They pay you instantly.

What Else to Know: You'll get another .25 cents for everyone you refer. INSTANTLY.

4. Survey Junkie

With over 10 million members, you know they are doing something right. They work with many major brands. They offer virtual points, which can literally be “cashed in” for cash. I usually cash my point in for PayPal cards. That's what works best for me. But my Mom likes the Amazon gift cards, so that she can just stock up and have a balance ready to use for holiday shopping and use the free shipping to send to all of that don't live near her. Open in the United States of America, Canada, or Australia.

Earnings System: Virtual Points
Rewards: Cash via PayPal or check or other gift cards like Target or Amazon
Opportunities: Online Surveys, Online Focus Groups, Product Testing
Minimum Cashout: Once you've reached 1000 points, you can cash out. 1000 points = $10

Even More Cash with Surveys That Have Actually Panned Out

Surveys On the Go (Detailed Review)
– Pretty cool little survey app that lets you take surveys right from the handy-dandy smartphone of yours. You can cash out at $10 right into your PayPal. Everything from your phone! Sweeeet!

Mindswarms (Detailed Review)
– Serious cash for serious surveys. Meaning — you're gonna get paid better (like $50!) — but these are long surveys. You need to be committed if you want the big bucks.

KashKick (Detailed Review)
– Offers many ways to earn, not just surveys. The great thing is they pay via PayPal direct deposit.

If You Want to Make Even More Cash, Rewards and Freebies… Keep Reading

Survey sites are great and the ones above have been an amazing source of extra cash for me and my family. BUT — I also have a few sites that allow me to KEEP more of my survey cash and not spend it on things we all like to do. I guess what I mean is, let's say I get a PayPal payment from one of my survey sites and it's $30. That's awesome! BUT… instead of stashing that cash, I end up spending it on “fun stuff” like movies or a new pair of sandals. (You understand what I mean.. of course! We don't want money to just go to boring stuff or bills!) That's where the sites below are another added boon to my monthly bottom line.

Things are super tight at my house with my husband having to work and live in another state. The stress it puts on the finances having to pay for two places has been so hard. It can really make being able to do “fun stuff” hard. The kids and I can't just blow $30-$50 at the movies. And I for one… LOVE a fancy Starbucks latte now and then. (So does my daughter!) But we're talking $4 for a coffee!? And then two of us getting a coffee is close to $10! Yikes!

So I put the sites below into action FOR ME. And you can too. It's not hard and it's not some ungodly amount of time either. Check it out!

More Cash Makers That are Currently Impressing Me

1. Going to the Movies for FREE All Year Long

How I Get Free Movie Tickets

1. Swagbucks
Swagbucks has become extremely popular with its easy user interface and positive reviews. They've paid out approximately $175 MILLION dollars to its members. They boast giving out over 7,000 free gift cards per day! But they don't just have tons of retailers to choose from for gift cards, you can also turn those Swagbucks into cash right into your PayPal account. If you're not participating in this free rewards program, you could be seriously missing out. Last year alone, the kids and I went to 10 movies (and on two occasions, hubby got to go with us too!) That's 32 movie tickets at Regal Cinemas (where we prefer to go because it's the newest and nicest theater near us). That's over $300 easily in FREE movie tickets.

$245+ in Name Brand Clothing for FREE Last Year

Earn Free Gift Cards for School Clothes Shopping

2. InstaGC
InstaGC has been around since 2011. They have several retailers to choose from for redeeming your points for gift cards. They also have a chat box on the site where members can chat with each and help each other. I love that part! You can earn points by completing tasks – these can be surveys, crowd tasks and more. You can also earn bonus points and enter giveaways via their social media sites. I was able to earn enough points for several American Eagle/Aerie gift cards throughout the year, which my daughter and I more than happily used!

ADDITIONAL CASH PAYING SITES (another $150 a month in earnings for me):

I know you're on information overload right now and ready to get started earning cash and giftcards – I understand that. Of course! But I wanted to mention a few other sites that I have used for years and years and they continue to earn cash for me month after month. It's not tons of cash, but between all of them – it's an extra $150 a month for sure! I don't touch any of the money that I am paid through these sites. It all goes into an account set aside just for emergencies. For example, one of our beloved Maine Coon cats contracted FIV last year and I tried desperately to save her. Ultimately she had to be put down (which still brings me to tears to think about) — the vet bill in total was $982. If I had not had that money set aside, I wouldn't have been able to even attempt to save her and it would have haunted me forever.

So you can see — no matter your reasons, having extra cash can save the day sometimes. Or at least help you try and save the day :-)

1. American Consumer Panel
2. IPSOS Surveys


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    i have done knowledge panel for over a year now and have recieved so many diffrent gifts and also money,best one yet i have come across.

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