Finding Jobs on Craigslist That are Work at Home

Finding Jobs on Craigslist
“When looking for work at home, be sure to have as many tools as you can. Tips for finding jobs on Craigslist that are home-based.”

Job Search Arsenal – Finding Jobs on Craigslist

So, looking for work at home jobs is a daily thing for me. It has been for over 15 years. I spend a lot of time cruising around the internet looking for job leads that I can share with all of my readers and subscribers (be a subscriber too and get job leads emailed right to you!). After all — we can all talk about how much we want to work at home – but when it comes to actually WORKING AT HOME, job leads are key in the majority of cases.

Of course, one of the best sites to search for work at home is I recommend giving the site a search whenever you can. I don't visit CareerBuilder as much — but I still have it as one of the main search sites that I use. And I'm sure you have a list of sites that you peruse all the time too.

But you can never have too many job lead sites at your disposal!

Give This Job Search Gem a Try

Many times when I am looking for freelance work, or even volunteer events that I would enjoy and know that I could network at — I have a great place I check out. It's Craigslist Gigs. Now, I know — Craigslist does have a reputation with many as having a “creeper” issue. And I'm not suggesting at all that you should hop on Craiglist and just meet anyone, anywhere at any time. NO. God No.

But — if you go to your city on Craigslist, or the nearest big city to you (if that's not super far away) — and look under jobs, you'll see a section called “gigs”. (See image to the left.) This is a little spot that most jobseekers completely dismiss or don't know about. Personally – I found two freelance writing jobs this past weekend and reached out to both parties and was hired for one of them. This was no cheap-o gig either. It pays $200.

I realize we're not all writers. But I've seen many other types of gigs listed. There are listings for computer, creative and crew too. Where I live they shoot movies all the time. So I am always looking under “crew” to see if they need any runners or help on film sets. It might not be high paying, but I adore working on movie sets! (Even as a coffee runner!!)

Dream Job? Maybe.

Have I ever found my dream job under Craigslist “gigs”. No. But that doesn't mean it won't be there tomorrow when I check. Or that one job that I take won't lead to something more permanent. Maybe a volunteer event that I sign on for won't lead me to someone, who knows someone…. that is hiring for my dream job. (See my list of 75+ Gig Economy Jobs here.)

Not to mention — by meeting new people and volunteering — or even taking on a freelance job here and there… you kind of get a chance to figure out what you really like to do. I KNOW that if a full-time production studio in my area was hiring… even grunt work — I'd apply. Yep, I love it that much. I also know that when money is super tight or I am really trying to pay off a credit card, save for a trip to the beach – whatever… I can usually find some work under “gigs”.

Final Thoughts on Craigslist “gigs”

Always, always use caution. Like anything with a lot of “unknown” variables – you want to be careful. Don't give out your full name or address all willy-nilly. Don't meet someone alone in a non-public place. Basic common sense for sure. No job or is worth giving Creepy Creeperson an invitation into your life.

But all in all, I've had nothing but a positive experience job searching under “gigs”. Check it out yourself for a few weeks and see what kind of work is listed. There will be what I call weirdo jobs. I just skip over anything way cray and keep looking until something pops out at me that I'm really interested in. I have an email address I use just for Craigslist too. You might think about doing the same. It not only helps keep some anonymity, but it also helps keep everything you applied for via Craigslist all in one spot.

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  1. GeorgiaUnvarnished says:

    At my day job, I often place ads for gigs on Craigslist. My company hires people to do simple inspections, not of entire homes, but of certain repairs that a contractor was hired to do. We get orders for all over the country and we can’t have an employee in every nook and cranny of the US, so we place these ads. All the inspector has to do is have a camera and go into the house to determine if the contractor did what he was supposed to. Usually it’s things anybody would recognize, such as painting, installing carpet, etc. Other companies place these ads too, because when I’m placing mine I frequently see them. Look under gigs and search words like inspection, field inspection, photo, property, or real estate. By the way, once you get established, chances are good you would be called upon again when there’s an order in your vicinity.

  2. Thanks for that info. I’m checking it out now. I never knew that was there!

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